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    Business Setup in Sharjah Publishing City Free Zone

    Sharjah Publishing City (SPC) is one of the fastest-growing free zones in Sharjah offering affordable company formation packages and modern facilities for investors. Formed in 2017, the SPC free zone has grown over the years to become a solid pillar of the landscape of business setup in Sharjah. SPC is billed as a unique free zone as it is the world’s first printing and publishing fee zone. However, that doesn’t mean the scope of business setup in the SPC free zone is limited to publishing, printing or literary activities.

    The free zone offers thousands of activities ranging from general trading and consultancy to e-commerce. Investors only need to decide the right activities based on their business requirements. The selection of activities and other licensing requirements can be met with the help of business setup consultants in the UAE. The following sections will give the foreign investors more insights into the process, features, requirements and benefits of company formation in Sharjah Publishing City.

    A Strategically Located Free Zone 

    SPC free zone is strategically located in Sharjah, the third-largest emirate in the UAE after Abu Dubai and Dubai. Sharjah is generally known as a cultural capital, an industrial hub, and an education hotspot, which gives adequate reason for foreign investors to shift their base into the city. The emirate is centrally located between Europe and East Asia, with smooth access to major international airports and ports on both the Arabian Gulf and the Indian Ocean. This makes it a strategic investment destination for international investors and businesses looking to explore new geographies and emerging markets, especially in Asia, Africa and Europe.

    World-class Facilities in Sharjah Publishing City 

    The beauty of setting up a business in the SPC free zone is that the investors get to choose from a wide range of facilities. Everything is designed to match the business requirements of the business including size and activities. The investors can choose from the following facilities:

    1. Coworking spaces
    2. Office spaces
    3. Retail/ shell & core
    4. Warehouse spaces
    5. Storage spaces

    Types of Business Licenses in Sharjah Publishing City 

    The free zone permits are four main licenses to choose from, each with unique offerings to best suit your business. They are,

    1. E-commerce License 

    Obtaining an e-commerce license from Sharjah Publishing City allows the investors to leverage the benefits of the lucrative sector. E-commerce emerged as a sunrise sector post-COVID-19 and is widely regarded as a pandemic-proof sector. According to a study by the Dubai Chamber of Commerce, e-commerce in the entire UAE hit a record USD 3.9 billion in 2020 and is poised to reach USD 8 billion by 2025. Business setup consultants in Sharjah help the entrepreneurs open an e-commerce business in SPC free zone.

    2. Service License 

    A service license allows entrepreneurs to run a business without any tangible assets. It means the investors will be selling unique services to the customers, not products. The service license provided by SPC free zone includes consultancy services, project management activities, and investment services etc.

    3. Commercial License 

    A commercial license is mandatory for businesses to trade in goods. The goods can be imported and sold in the UAE, exported and sold outside the UAE, or ascertained and traded solely within the UAE. A commercial license allows entrepreneurs to trade almost any type of good. Investors keen to know the type of goods that be sold with a commercial license can consult with the best business setup consultants in Sharjah.

    4. General Trading License 

    Companies that seek to engage in export, import or trading of multiple products, can apply for a General Trading License. A General Trading License is essential for businesses that have multiple trading activities that are in the same or different industries as the license will cover it all.

    Sharjah Publishing City Permits Wide range of Activities 

    There is a misconception that only publishing companies can open a business in Sharjah Publishing City free zone. This is wrong as the free zone permits over 1,500 business activities that cover broad sectors such as publishing, retail & wholesale and services & consultancy activities. Some of the notable activities under these sectors are:

    1. Advertising, publishing of books, photography ( publishing activities)
    2. General trading, e-commerce, wholesale of household goods (retail & wholesale activities)
    3. Accounting, bookkeeping, & tax consultancy, management consultancy, educational activities ( services & consultancy sector)

    Business Setup Packages in Sharjah Publishing City 

    The specially designed packages of business setup in Sharjah Publishing City are cost-effective and involves zero hassle. The following are some of the latest business setup packages in the free zone:

    1. One year license with no visa at AED 6,500
    2. One year license with one visa allocation at AED 9,500
    3. One year license with three visa allocation at AED 17,500

    Dual License in Sharjah Publishing City 

    Companies operating in Sharjah Publishing City can apply for a dual license to extend their operations into the UAE mainland. There is no need to set up an office in the mainland as the investors are allowed to do business on the mainland from the free zone office. Normally, a free zone company is not allowed to trade in the lucrative UAE market but selected free zones such as the SPC permits by issuing a dual license. Business set up consultants in Sharjah can help the investors understand what activities are eligible for dual license in Sharjah Publishing City.

    Set up a Firm by Availing Best Business Setup Services in Sharjah Publishing City 

    The world-class facilities, affordable packages and easy licensing procedures have made the process of business setup in Sharjah Publishing City highly attractive to foreign investors. Yet, the entrepreneurs need to be careful while selecting the activities, packages and facilities. The risk of going wrong is high when entrepreneurs go solo while setting up a business in the UAE. This is where the assistance of business setup consultants in Sharjah such as Jitendra Business Consultants (JBC) come in handy for the investors.

    JBC’s highly qualified consultants, on behalf of the investors, will handle complex tasks such as document drafting, visa processing, bank account opening etc. Investors who wish to initiate the process of business setup in Sharjah Publishing City are required to check their eligibility for certain compliance requirements such as Economic Substance Regulations, Ultimate Beneficial Ownership (UBO) and Anti-money Laundering (AML) compliance etc. JBC’s business setup services in Sharjah will enable the investors to meet such compliance requirements in the best way.

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