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JEBEL ALI OFFSHORE, Jebel Ali Offshore Company

Setting up of Offshore Companies that will be covered under Jebel Ali Free Zone Offshore companies Regulations 2003 is one of the best initiatives taken by the Dubai Government. These were counted so from 15 January 2003 as was declared by the Chairman of the Dubai Port with the power given to him by Dubai Laws Numbers 1 and 4 of 2001. Likewise, in the Offshore Company Formation in Jebel Ali, we offer the following features:

Salient Features – Jebel Ali Offshore Company

  • 100% foreign ownership
  • For conduction of routine transactions, company can open an account in UAE
  • 100% foreign ownership is offered to the company
  • Company can own any real estate property approved by JAFZA or on Palm Islands or those owned by Nakheel Company LLC
  • If the company‚Äôs office is maintained in free zone, one residence visa will be issued for one director
  • In order to investigate the affairs of the offshore company, the registrar has the authority to appoint reliable inspectors .Inspection costs can be charged from any office bearer of the company, on the discretion of the registrar
  • Without the license, company will not be allowed to carry on business in UAE

In addition, it has the following characteristics:

  • Company can have one shareholder who can decide its capital structure
  • Two directors are permitted but their details cannot be publically inspected
  • One secretary is mandatory
  • Registration takes 3 hours to 2 weeks
  • Company shall keep accounting records for 10 years and then they shall be renewed
  • Names must end with limited and banking and insurance sectors cannot operate as offshore
  • A registered office must be maintained with a registered agent.

The Offshore Company Formation in Jebel Ali requires certain documents like: ur website source

  • Business plan
  • Application form
  • Registered agent appointment document
  • Bank reference letter
  • Copy of certificate of incorporation attested by UAE embassy
  • Copy of MOA and AOA of the company attested by UAE embassy
  • Power of Attorney in favor of Manager, attested by UAE embassy
  • Bank reference letter of the parent company
  • Certificate of good standing of company attested by UAE embassy
  • Residence proof, CV, passport copies, bank reference letter of the shareholders and directors
  • Board resolution to form a subsidiary in Dubai, attested by UAE embassy
  • Residence proof of the representative of the parent company

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