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Every investor who lands in Dubai to open a company goes through a series of official procedures such as license approval, obtaining visas & Emirates IDs, sponsoring dependents, translating and attesting legal documents, etc. Every investor would prefer to spend his valuable time setting up or scaling up his company rather than dividing his time for running around various government departments for approvals and other bureaucratic requirements.

Also, a new entrepreneur would be almost naïve about the labour laws and immigration laws in the UAE, and going solo for all these government processes would snatch his precious time and delay the process of business setup in Dubai. However, entrusting all such responsibilities with the best PRO companies in Dubai could save the businessmen from investing their time into such legal procedures and help him focus on running the company. Also, the firms that provide the best PRO services in Dubai assist the investors in complying with the legal requirements and save them from potential penalties and legal consequences.

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    What is a PRO Service in Dubai?

    The service of a Government Liaison Officer popularly known as a Public Relations Officer (PRO) is inevitable for any foreign investor who initiates the process of company formation in Dubai. The business setup in Dubai involves plenty of legal procedures and there would be several documents to be prepared and submitted to the relevant government authorities and Ministries. Professional PRO services take over these burdensome processes from investors and complete all the documents clearance procedures within less time.

    Professional firms that offer efficient PRO services in Dubai are well-versed in all the laws and regulations including labour laws and immigration laws and possess years of experience in dealing with the officials in government departments and Ministries. The best PRO service firms in Dubai make the company formation easy by handling all the legal procedures at the Department of Economic Development (DED), the Ministry of Labour, the Dubai Immigration, and other public departments.

    What are the Services Offered by PRO Companies in Dubai?

    The companies require the expert services of PRO firms in Dubai, UAE to effectively manage and deliver the legalities and tricky cycle of procedures related to company formation. A PRO company will guide the investors through the complex process of business incorporation, visa approvals, and processing other government documents. The following are some of the key services that an investor can avail from PRO firms in Dubai:

    1. The application of, renewal, and cancellation of a partner, investor’s visa for the free zone, and LLC companies
    2. Processing of visas for Spouse, Parents, Children, etc.
    3. Document attestation at Notary public & Ministry of Foreign Affairs, UAE
    4. Translation of documents into multiple languages
    5. Renewal of trade license
    6. Renewal of immigration and labour card, Establishment Card
    7. Registration of EJARI (Tenancy contract signed with the DLD)
    8. Attestation of import/export and other legal documents through a public notary
    9. Intellectual property registration for a patent, copyright, and trademark
    10. Filing for government approvals and obtaining NOC from government ministries
    11. Documents submission and collection from the bank and various UAE government departments
    12. Cancellation of Visa, Immigration, Labour and Establishment Card

    Why Investors Should Hire PRO Firms in Dubai?

    Investors should consider outsourcing their PRO services in Dubai to professional companies as it will have a positive trickle-down effect on easing the functioning of the company. For example, an employee from a foreign country requires a resident visa to work in the UAE. The resident visa is a prerequisite to open a bank account in Dubai, sign a residential lease, and avail amenities such as electricity, etc. and also obtaining the Emirates ID.

    This small example shows how important is the services offered by PRO companies. And entrusting an in-house PRO with such vital responsibilities is not a viable option for the companies as such an in-house employee requires to be paid a salary and other benefits. Also, there is a risk that the in-house PRO would work within the time-frame of his day job and may demonstrate less productivity. On the other hand, by outsourcing the PRO requirements to PRO service providers in Dubai the companies need to pay for only the specific services they require.

    The following are some of the other advantages the investors get by outsourcing their PRO requirements to prominent PRO service providers in Dubai:

    1. Help With Visas for Investors & Family

    By outsourcing the PRO services in Dubai to a professional company, the entrepreneurs get assistance in getting and renewing the visas for themselves and also their families. Sponsoring the family members including wife, children or parents require extensive paper works and other requirements like entry permits, medical fitness tests, status adjustments, and visa stamping are required. The PRO firms clear all the paper works in the stipulated time. The PRO firms in Dubai also help the entrepreneurs obtain visas for maids and drivers etc.

    2. PRO Firms Help Avoid Fines and Penalties in the UAE

    The companies in Dubai are required to abide by all the legal prerequisites and requirements while doing the business. By complying with the laws and procedures set out by the government or the relevant free zone authorities, the companies can maintain a good reputation and also avoid penalties. The business owners need to renew their trade license, visas, and the IDs on time or hefty penalties, or else they have to face hefty penalties or other grave consequences.

    Most of the business owners especially the startup owners get caught up with their administrative tasks and forget to meet these key requirements. There are many instances where the business owners were penalized for operating a company under an expired license. The businesses can outsource their PRO services in Dubai to PRO companies to avoid hefty penalties and ensure compliance with the UAE Laws. The best PRO companies in Dubai send a timely reminder to the business owners for performing the renewals on time.

    3. Help Investors Meet Legal Requirements

    The UAE has over the years especially after 2018 introduced many new regulations to ensure that the country is following the best practices for a transparent economy. The Value Added Tax (VAT), Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Law, Economic Substance Regulations (ESR), and National Economic Register (NER) are some of the major regulations that have positively transformed the UAE. The companies need to ensure that they are complying with such regulations and the PRO firms in Dubai guide them in ensuring compliance.

    4. Imparts Local Expertise to Investors

    PRO companies in Dubai, UAE come equipped with a strong knowledge about the local laws and market knowledge and the foreign investors who are new to the country can make use of this knowledge for running their business without any hurdle. Most legal transactions in the UAE take place in the Arabic Language and the best PRO companies in Dubai assist the foreign investors in translating their documents into Arabic and get them attested. This reduces the hassles involved in managing the legal documents, records, and checking and completing legal paperwork. PRO companies in Dubai can also help companies avoid errors in interpreting legal jargon.

    Why Choose PRO Services of Jitendra Business Consultants?

    Foreign investors need to undertake a host of documents clearing requirements and legal procedures to successfully set up a company in Dubai, UAE. These documents and processes include immigration formalities, issuance or renewal of trade licenses, passport clearance, and processing of visas, etc. Failing to meet these legal requirements and paper works will delay the business registration process or even may lead to penalties for non-compliance. Investors who have little knowledge about the UAE laws or experienced businessmen who have no time to look into such matters entrust companies such as Jitendra Business Consultants (JBC) for availing efficient PRO services in Dubai.

    JBC’s PRO services comprise a wide array of professional support services connecting with government ministries and departments, enabling the businessmen to effortlessly meet their daily operational requirements, in addition to obtaining the required licenses and permits your business needs. JBC provides customized PRO services, with a dedicated function tailored to the investors’ specific business requirements, taking care of all government-related documentation clearance.

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