The Latest World Logistics Passport Will Facilitate Companies & Traders

“The latest World Logistics Passport will facilitate companies and traders to use Dubai’s world-leading logistics facilities in return for cost and time savings and enhanced customs clearances. It will not only increase the ease of moving goods in Dubai but will also foster more optimal direct trade routes between Latin America, Africa and Asia” Mr Jitendra Gianchandani told Khaleej Times on Saturday.

“As per 2018 World Bank Group, among 160 countries, UAE ranks 11th when it comes to the Logistics Performance Index. The initiative is set to benefit UAE to improve its ranking to top 10 and also benefits the shipping, courier and logistics industries across the region and ultimately help contribute a significant share to Dubai’s growing economy,” Gianchandani added.

On 50th World Economic Forum that was held on Davos last month, the initiative has been taken to launch the World Logistic Passport (WLP). This project has been in operation since July 2019, now it is expected to play a vital role in increasing trade amongst key markets i.e Asia, Africa & Latin America.

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