LLC Company Formation in Sharjah

The business setup process in Sharjah mainland is an attractive option for foreign investors due to a multitude of factors including cost-effectiveness and the possibility of 100% shareholding. Due to its business-friendly approach and low living costs, the company formation in the Sharjah mainland has emerged as a strong alternative for the business setup process in Dubai. Since the jurisdiction plays a prominent role in deciding the success of a business, the foreign investors need to hire the services of reputed business setup consultants in Sharjah to make the company formation process easier.

Why Investing in Sharjah Mainland is a Good Decision?

Sharjah’s economy is considered to be one of the most diversified economies in the region and the emirate holds the reputation of being an industrial hub. Sharjah is a strategic investment hotspot due to easy access to prominent international airports and ports on the Arabian Gulf as well as the Indian Ocean. Apart from these reasons, the investors prefer the business setup process in Sharjah due to the attraction of 100% ownership. By setting up a mainland business in Sharjah, the entrepreneurs can eliminate the requirement of having a local sponsor (UAE national) who holds at least 51% share in the company.

Sharjah offers competitive business setup opportunities to both local and foreign investors due to factors including its open-door policy, simplified company incorporation process, and a favourable regulatory environment. Sharjah’s economy is further powered by the presence of more than 55,000 SMEs that gain immense benefits from the emirate’s highly competitive supply chain.

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How to Setup a Business in Sharjah Mainland?

1. Identify Business Activity

Determining the right activity is the first step in issuing the business license in Sharjah mainland. The Sharjah Economic Development Department (SEDD) is the competent authority that issues licenses in Sharjah mainland. The SEDD allows more than 3,000 activities in Sharjah and the investors need to identify the activities that best fit their proposed company’s requirements. The permitted activities are broadly divided into 4 groups:

  1. Business
  2. Industrial
  3. Professional

2. Determine the Legal Status of the Company

While determining the legal form of the company, the allowed activities as per the license should be taken into account. The legal form of the company is directly linked to the activities mentioned in the trade license. The investors should ensure compatibility with the activities while choosing the correct legal form of the proposed company.

3. Register Trade Name

Investors can apply for the trade license application with the help of business setup consultants in Sharjah along with the required data including the application for the trade name. The applications can be submitted electronically via the SEDD website or through any Tasheel service centers. The selection and registration of trade names need to comply with the regulations and the expert assistance of the best business consultants in Sharjah could make this process hassle-free.

4. Company Site

The SEDD mandates that the site of the business establishment should comply with its standards. This means the SEDD would require evaluating the location of the proposed office for which the investor needs to submit a technical evaluation request. The SEDD may conduct inspections on the site depending on the legal form of the company. All the data regarding the office space should be submitted to the SEDD with proper documentation to make the business setup process in Sharjah quick and easy.

5. Obtaining Approvals and Issuance of License

After completing all the above-mentioned business setup processes in Sharjah, the SEDD will issue the trade license. However, some of the activities may require approval from concerned government departments (local and federal). The investors can hire the services of business setup consultants in Sharjah to obtain approvals from the concerned departments on behalf of them.

The official fee has to be paid to the SEDD at this stage and the license will be issued after the issue pf the payment voucher. The investors should pay the license fee within 15 days from the date of payment of the voucher. Extended delays in payment of the voucher would lead to the cancellation of the transaction.

Business Setup Consultants in Sharjah

The business setup process in Sharjah is advantageous for the foreign investors mainly due to the cost-effectiveness and the provision of 100% ownership. Also, Sharjah offers foreign investors the availability of strong labour force from diverse nationalities. However, registering a company in any emirate in the UAE, including Sharjah, is not an easy process for foreign investors. Since a strong knowledge of the local laws and regulation is crucial for the business setup process on Sharjah, the services of the best business setup consultants need to be availed.

Jitendra Business Consultants (JBC) is a well-known company formation service provider in the UAE with years of experience. JBC has a team of highly qualified business setup consultants who have helped thousands of clients in registering their companies across the UAE including in Sharjah. JBC helps the foreign investors in registering their businesses by executing all the paperwork, visa processes, and obtaining government approvals from relevant departments. JBC is committed to ensuring that the businessmen establish their companies in Sharjah by complying with all the regulatory requirements.

Documents Required to Set up a Company in Sharjah Mainland

  • License form
  • Brand certificate
  • Certified no objection letter from the applicant
  • Copy of the passport and visa or residence and identity card of Foreign investor
  • Technical assessment report
  • Ministry of Economy approval (if required)
  • Legal affairs approval (if applicable)
  • Certified copy of the lease contract

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