How to register for VAT 

How to Register foe VAT in Dubai
Are you looking for a procedure to register for VAT in Dubai? Here is vital information on VAT registration in Dubai. After the agreement signed in February 2016, the value added tax will be introduced in UAE from January 2018. Though it will take quite some time for the tax to get established completely, it will be mandatory for some businesses to get value added tax registration. As an established consultancy for accounting and tax related matters, we are providing guidelines on newly introduced tax in the country.

A complete step-by-step guide is shared here for the aspiring registrants of the value added tax. The first phase requires only individuals and firms with a certain annual turnover to get this certificate. The certificate will be issued through the e-services on the official website of the Ministry of Finance.

Online Dubai VAT Registration Procedure

The procedure to register for VAT in Dubai and other provinces of UAE will have to be carried out on the eservices portal. Find below a step-wise online application procedure for the same:

  • Visit the site: (Ministry of Finance).
  • Move your cursor to the “Services” menu and choose the sector as applicable.
  • Select VAT and TAX certificates option from the menu of services.
  • While selecting certificate, you can view the service card and download it.
  • Select the “Start Service” tab from the horizontal menu and get the login page.
  • Register and create your login credentials.
  • After login, an applicant will reach the Customer Landing Page.
  • A list of tasks to be done will be shown on the screen. Select ‘Create New Tax Request’ option.
  • Fill up all the information and you will get a confirmation window on the screen.
  • Complete the procedure and get directed to the payment page. Pay the online fees for VAT registration in Dubai.

This completes your online VAT registration procedure. Now you have to wait for the certificate from the authority. But, you can check the status of your certificate by using the features of all requests. Use the same user id and password to login and view the status and payment history of your submitted application for the VAT certificate.

How to Pay the Registration Fees for Value Added Tax Certificate

The payment is to be done online during the online registration process. We are a professional firm offering consultancy for the complete VAT application process. The payment is done through any of the three options available. Applicants can pay either by e-Dirham G2 cards, Non-eDirham cards or e-D wallet. The mechanism will accept Visa cards, Master Cards, and Trustwave cards.

An applicant will get the approval of the application within 3 working days. The approval will be sent within 2 working days through Empost after the date of the approval. Do contact us for tax-related certificates issuance. We are providing consulting services for the accounting, auditing, applications, and registrations for the tax certificates. VAT registration in Dubai and UAE is now a crucial requirement to be fulfilled by the businesses. It is applied to the sale and purchase of all the goods and services. However, few essential services like education, stapled food, and healthcare services are exempted from this tax.