Dubai Technology Park /Dubai Techno Park Free Zone

Economic Zones World (EZW) has always been committed to the welfare of the communities within which it operates. The objective of
establishing the park is to assist in the growth of Dubai’s economy by encouraging scientific activities and boosting the level of
technology in the region. Hence, the park shall be a centre for transfer, adaptation and localization of technology.

Techno Park shall develop technology clusters in specific industries where the target market
represents a considerable portion of global demand.

Types of  Trade Licenses in Dubai Technology Park Free Zone

Industrial Activities To carry out the manufacturing and assembling of specified products
Professional Activities To carry out specified professional activities.
Trading Activities To carry out the import, export, distribution and storage of specified items.


Types of Company Formation in Dubai Techno Park Free Zone

Limited Liability Company

  • With two to fifty partners, liable to the extent of their share in the capital.
  • Minimum share capital AED 300,000 divided into equal shares with a minimum face value of AED 1000.
  • UAE nationals must hold at least 51% of the shares.
  • The management or managers are appointed by a memorandum of association, by a separate management contract or by a general assembly of the partners.

Sole Establishment (Commercial/Industrial)

  • Owned by a sole proprietor, who is responsible for all its financial obligations.
  • The owner must be a GCC national.

Civil Company

  • For activities involving the use or investment in intellectual faculties, acquired information or the use of skills.
  • Formed as Civil Partnerships in accordance with the Federal Civil Transactions Law No.(5) of 1985 with its amendments.
  • Professional companies may be 100% foreign-owned.

Alternatively, these types of company branches are legally regarded as part of their parent establishments:

  • A Branch of a Free Zone Establishment (FZE).
  • A Branch of a Free Zone Company (FZCO).
  • A Branch of an L.L.C. (covers all Limited Liability Companies in the UAE).
  • A Branch of a Sole Establishment based in the Emirate of Dubai.
  • A Branch of a GCC Company (the mother company should have a 100% GCC shares).
  • A Branch of a Foreign Company.

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