Hamriyah Free Zone Authority was set up on 12 November 2012 and is situated in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates. It provides a unique, time zone and geographic advantage along with a secure and a properly convertible currency, followed by a multi-access to global neighboring countries via land, air, and sea. It is rapidly becoming one of the key elements in the industrial growth of United Arab Emirates. Other than being an investor-oriented free zone, Hamriyah Free Zone also makes sure that its management is flexible and capable enough to cope up with the changes taking place in the arena of business.

We also provide such Free Zone Business set up services to our clients, so that they can foster their industrial and business development. We capitulate best of our efforts in providing different opportunities and competitive incentives to our clients Company formation in Hamriyah Freezone so that they can easily start up their business in a tax- free environment. Along with this, we offer services like exemptions from all commercial levies, full company ownership, and revivification of capital and gains. Our stakeholders’ interests and their satisfaction is valuable to us and hence, we tend to furnish our ministrations in the best way we can.

We manage to set up companies that have all the basic and physical facilities as well. Along with the chronological aspect, the infrastructure of the organization or the work place is important too. Through company formation in Hamriyah Free Zone and an area of 22 million square meters commercial and prime industrial land, we superintend facilities like:

Hamriyah Free Zone provides the following facilities:

    14 meters deep -water port with harbor, 7 meter deep
    Road transportation and 3 sea-routes
    Factories, office units and warehouses for lease
    25 years land lease renewed
    Accommodation for investor’s staff with health club and recreation center
    Executive office suites in International Business center for lease
    Inexpensive and abundant electricity and water supply
    Affordable living cost
    Freedom for economical workforce and staff recruitment
    Well-developed telecommunications and infrastructure

Hamriyah Free Zone offers the companies and individuals the following incentives and benefits:

  • 100% corporate tax exemption
  • 100% foreign company ownership
  • 100% exemption from personal tax
  • No currency restrictions


PARTICULARS Option 1 Option 1 Option 2 Option 2 Option 3 Option 3
Normal Trading Normal Trading Consultancy Consultancy General Trading General Trading
First Year            
Rent $ 6,812 $ 4,632 $ 6,812 $ 4,632 $ 9,537 $ 4,632
License Fees   $954   $954   $ 3,270
Registration Charges (one time)   $ 2,452 $ 2,452 $ 2,452
Service Charge   $1,362   $1,362   $1,362
Establishment Card $114 $114 $114 $114 $114 $114
Refundable Deposit   $1,362   $1,362   $1,362
P O Box $272 $272 $272 $272 $272 $272
Total $7,199 $11,150 $7,199 $11,150 $9,924 $13,466
Subsequent Years $7,084 $7,221 $7,084 $7,221 $9,809 $9,537
Capital (Not required to be deposited at the time of
$40,872 $40,872 $40,872 $40,872 $40,872 $40,872

* Please contact at (+971 4 3438022) for more information about the visas allowed,visa cost and deposits,formation time and capital required.