Civil Company

Setting up a Sole Proprietorship or Partnership (Civil Company) firm in mainland in Dubai/UAE.

Qualified foreign nationals can set up a sole proprietorship or a partnership firm (commonly known as civil company) to carry out professional activities such as IT/management/marketing etc. in mainland of Dubai/UAE. Unlike Limited Liability company (UAE National 51%:49% foreign national), foreign national can own 100% company and appoint UAE national as legal service agent (known as Wakil al-khidmat).

Salient Features:

Legal Status  :  Sole proprietor or Civil Company (Partnership) or Branch

Capital           :   In case of partnership- any amount partners can decide mutually

Type               :   Professional License

Ownership    :   100% foreign national

Documents / Details Required:

  1. Application form- Initial approval- duly signed by all the foreign partners and legal service agent- UAE National.
  2. Few Trade Names
  3. Passport copies of all the partners (Zinsia copy /Family card of the Local service Agent)
  4. Legal service agreement with UAE national – to be notarized at Notary public.
  5. Partnership agreement between foreign partners- with capital, shareholding and profit sharing details – to be notarized at Notary public.
  6. Tenancy Contract of office attested from Land Department
  7. Address & Contact nos. for preparing legal service agreement.

Note: For Consultancy activity

  1. CV / Profile of the foreign partners.
  2. Attested Professional Qualification Certificate
  3. To obtain the license, foreign partner or the manager must pass the exam from American University in Dubai.

If you need additional assistance or have any questions, please contact the following:
Email: [email protected]
Tel: +971 4 343 8022