Business Setup in RAKEZ Media Zone

Setting up a business in RAKEZ Media Zone is an ideal opportunity for media Startups and media professionals to establish or expand their media-related businesses across a wide variety of sectors including Media production, Music and TV entertainment, TV and Radio Broadcasting, event management, animation, publishing, etc. By setting up a company in RAKEZ Media Zone media entrepreneurs and professionals can connect with their peers enabling B2B alliance for the growth of their respective firms

Located in the Ras Al Khaimah (RAK) an emirate in the UAE, the RAKEZ Media Zone is regulated by the RAKEZ Free Zone. The RAKEZ is a free zone jurisdiction, which immensely contributes to the economic development of RAK. RAK offers a strategic geographical location, a business-friendly environment and cost competitiveness for investors who seek to open companies in RAK Media Zone.

Ras Al Khaimah provides business people with easy access to fast-growing markets across the MENA region as well as the Europe and South Asia region, which makes the emirate one of the leading business destinations in the UAE. All these factors have helped thousands of investors register a higher return on investment over the years.

An Overview of the Facilities Offered By RAK Media Zone

Establishing a media company with the media license from RAK Media Zone gives the investors access to the top-class infrastructure at the RAKEZ Free Zone. Media companies operating in various sectors including print, broadcast, advertising, and the new media can choose from a variety of office setups based on the requirements of their type of business activities.

  • Flexi workspaces that are ideal for media startups
  • Offices for media agencies and consultancies
  • Warehouses for media production companies
  • Land for development for huge TV& Radio Stations
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Benefits of Setting up a Media Firm in RAKEZ Media Zone

The RAKEZ Media Zone accommodates more than 100 media companies, facilitating the growth of professionals and companies across various media sectors. With cost-effective and customised solutions to meet specific business needs, RAKEZ Media Zone brings creative ideas to life. By setting up their businesses in the RAK Media Zone, investors and professionals avail the following benefits:

  • Cost-effective and wide-ranging media activities
  • Easy and simplified company formation procedures
  • Premium value-added packages for startups and SMEs
  • Dedicated team to assist with company registration and business support
  • Zero taxation
  • Access to the domestic market through a local agent
  • Freedom to source labour
  • 100% ownership & profit repatriation
  • No customs duty on re-exported goods
  • Wide-ranging business and industrial facilities and value-added services
  • Connectivity to important logistic hubs and multi-lane superhighways
  • Accessibility to RAKEZ through regional offices in different parts of the world
  • Easy access to markets across the MENA region, Europe and Asia
  • Easy access to major logistical hubs including Saqr Port
  • Proximity to Ras Al Khaima and Dubai International Airports
  • Eligibility to apply for UAE Residence Visas for owners, partners, managers, employees, and labourers

Procedure of Setting up a Business in RAKEZ Media Zone

The process of company formation in RAKEZ Media Zone is easy and quick that follows mainly three simple steps:

  1. Customising Business Package
  2. Document Submission
  3. Business License Issuance

List of Activities Permitted with RAKEZ Media License

RAKEZ Media Zone caters to the needs of almost all types of media-related sectors. Right from publishing, advertising, and music production, the RAKEZ Media License covers all the aspects of the media and entertainment industry. Business owners can browse through the following list of permissible activities in RAKEZ Media Zone to see if the activities match with their business requirements:

  • Advertising & communication agency
  • Creative agency
  • Public relations agency
  • Sales promotion
  • Outdoor advertising
  • E-Services
  • Specialty marketing or communications
  • Branding & corporate identity
  • Graphic design
  • Media buying & placement
  • Costume design
  • Production consultancy management
  • Production event consultancy management
  • Content rights management
  • Distribution / DVD authoring
  • Still photography
  • Music production, re-production & Recordings
  • Music distribution
  • Music publishing/copyright
  • Publishing representatives

Business Setup Consultants in RAKEZ Media Zone

Jitendra Business Consultants (JBC) is one of the most reputed business setup consultants in UAE with years of experience in helping numerous companies including media companies establish their businesses in RAKEZ Media Zone. JBC recommends the RAKEZ Media Zone for media company owners and professionals owing to benefits including easy and cost-effective business setup procedures and world-class infrastructure. Business setup consultants at JBC will assist companies in all the processes right from registration to incorporation. The process of opening a company in RAKEZ Media Zone is straightforward but seeking the help of the well-qualified team of JBC business setup consultants would save investors from unnecessary delays and the trouble of documentation.

If you need additional assistance or have any questions, please contact the following:


Tel: +971 4 343 8022

Documents Required for Setting up a Company in RAKEZ Media Zone

The following documents can be submitted after customizing the package:

  • Business plan
  • Shareholders / board resolution resolving establishment of a company in RAKEZ and appointment of a general manager
  • Original no objection certificate for general manager (if UAE resident)
  • Visa copy / entry stamp of shareholders, general manager and director
  • Colour passport copy of shareholders, general manager, director
  • CV/Profile of shareholder
  • Utility bill of shareholder

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