Why Do You Need to Hire Business Setup Consultants in Dubai, UAE?

Dubai’s ever-growing business landscape never ceases to attract investors, especially foreign entrepreneurs. An efficient way to set up a company is to hire the best business setup consultants in Dubai. The professional company formation consultants would take care of all the needs of the entrepreneur right from the registration to business incorporation.

Investors find Dubai as the perfect destination to set up their businesses due to a plethora of reasons including the business-friendly atmosphere, no corporate tax, and cost-effective company setup procedures. However, setting foot in Dubai without having a firm grasp over the emirate’s laws and regulations would be detrimental to the investors’ business ambitions.

An efficient way to solve this conundrum is to hire the best business setup consultants in Dubai who would take care of all the needs of the entrepreneur right from registration to business incorporation.

There are over 30 free zones in Dubai itself and the mainland also offers top-notch company formation opportunities. However, in most cases, the business setup process involves many complications and legalities. The investor needs to know the A to Z of all the laws and regulations. In the same line, the mainland business setup requires local sponsors and, in certain cases, approval from various authorities. All these reasons make a strong case for enlisting the expert assistance of the top business setup consultants in Dubai.

Fundamental Factors to be Considered Before Setting up a Business in Dubai

Why do the Investors Need Business Setup Consultants in Dubai?

1. Help with the Business Activity

Choosing the right business activity is a crucial step for both mainland and free zone company formation in Dubai. Every free zone has a list of permissible activities and licenses. For mainland business registration, the investors need to go through the activities allowed by the Department of Economic Development (DED). The DED has a list of over 2000 permissible activities, associated with particular business license types. A strenuous job indeed, but much easier when the investor opts for business setup consultancy services.

2. Deciding the Legal Structure

Deciding on the legal structure that best fits the business activity and the business plan of the investor is the strategic step. The legal structure could be a Limited Liability Company (LLC) , branch , or a representative office depending on the requirement of the investor. However, each of the legal structures has its own distinct set of features and careful examination is needed for deciding upon them. For example, the LLC is the most popular legal structure among the businessmen in Dubai mainland but it requires a UAE national as the local sponsor who holds at least 51% shares of the company. The services of company formation consultants become valuable while making these decisions.

3. Deciding the Right Jurisdiction

Depending on the geographical area they want to cater to, the investors need to decide on the right jurisdictions to base their company. The company formation specialists in Dubai advise their clients whether to go for the mainland, free zone or offshore company formation depending on the business requirements. The free zones are best for either re-exports or serving outside Dubai or UAE clients. The businessmen should opt for mainland company formation for serving the customers within the UAE. The offshore company formation is best for conducting business activities outside the UAE while holding properties here with absolute confidentiality.

4. Company Registration & Dealing with License Issuing Authorities

For mainland business registration, the DED is the competent authority that needs to be approached. Dubai company setup consultants assist the investors in getting local partners or sponsors depending on the legal structure. The company formation consultants help with all the documents and even guide the investors with renting an office space. The consultants also help the businessmen in registering their companies with the respective free zone authorities with all the necessary paperwork. The company formation specialists come in handy while drafting an effective Memorandum of Association (MOA).

What Should be the Factors for Finalising the Best Company Formation Consultants in Dubai?

The business setup consultants in Dubai save time and money for the investors. Since the business setup consultants are well-versed in UAE laws and regulations, the businessmen could avoid losses from unnecessary delays in registering their companies. However, there are numerous business setup service providers in Dubai and therefore choosing the right one could be a daunting task. However, the following factors could serve as a benchmark in zeroing in on the right one:

  1. Experience & Qualification
  2. Exemplary Track Record
  3. Provision for giving Advisory Services
  4. Competitive Pricing

Why Choose Jitendra Business Consultants?

Dubai offers a multitude of business setup opportunities for investors in the form of free zones, mainland and offshore entities. The decision to choose the right jurisdiction should be based on the business requirements of the businessmen. Deep knowledge of the local laws and regulations is a prerequisite for a successful and smooth company formation process. Any wrong decision or inaccuracies in the paperwork may lead to unnecessary delays and to avoid such troubles, the services of a reputed UAE business setup consultants can be availed. Jitendra Business Consultants (JBC) has been providing entrepreneurs and big businesses with easy and smooth business setup solutions.

JBC’s well-experienced team of company formation consultants guide investors through all the processes of business setup, from registration to incorporation. JBC helps the businessmen in choosing the right business activity and the right jurisdiction, be it free zones, mainland or offshore. JBC’s thousands of clients have benefitted from a variety of additional services including research-based advisory which has led them to sustainable business growth.

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