Expo 2020 for Businesses: A Guide to Identify Opportunities


Expo 2020 Dubai, touted as the Greatest Show on Earth, is off to a great start after being postponed by a year due to pandemics. Both local and international businesses will be looking to leverage the multitude of investment opportunities arising from the event. Expo 2020 is a global platform that is poised to lead the conversation on the future of business and technology for the years to come. This is the perfect time for investors and entrepreneurs to make the best of Expo 2020, as the event will generate opportunities to recover from the Covid-19-induced uncertainties.

The business community sees Expo 2020 as the perfect platform to identify the right opportunities for investment, growth, and networking. Investors and entrepreneurs must create a special Expo 2020 calendar that will help them land the best options for networking, business meetings, incentives, conferences, and exhibitions.

Here is a guide for business visitors, local start-ups, SMEs, entrepreneurs and global conglomerates to make the best out of Expo 2020.

A Venue at Expo to Mingle & Network

The primary objective of a gigantic event like Expo 2020 is the let investors and entrepreneurs from across the world converge and meet in a single place. There they can discuss their business ideas, make investment pitches or even talk about potential collaborations locally or internationally. The 2020 Club is a nine-floor luxurious tower that makes an ideal venue for business people to meet and network. The 2020 Club tower offers premium lounges, event spaces and a rooftop bar perfect for business networking.

Opportunity to Connect with Global Innovators

Apart from networking, what an entrepreneur needs is to be inspired by successful innovators. The Good Place Pavilion by Expo Live is a great spot where you can meet with global innovators and take cues from them. There will be a facilitated space where you can meet with the innovators, and they will share their success stories with aspiring entrepreneurs like you. Unique Expo Live satellite exhibits are showcased with which the visitors can interact with Global Innovators’ projects. More than 100 Global Innovator portraits are displayed at the Expo site, giving an inspirational push for aspiring innovators and entrepreneurs.

Benefit from country Business Briefings

Every participating nation will host a country business briefing session at their respective pavilions. The event will enable investors and organisers to listen to the economic agenda presented by Heads of States, leaders and industry experts of the respective countries. The country briefings will shed light on each country’s business opportunities, giving the business visitors a chance to make valuable dialogue and develop business connections.

Confluence with Fintech Experts at BlockExpo

Blockchain is one of the prominent and emerging sectors that has created both business interest and confusion in equal measure. Organisers of Expo 2020 have claimed that the veil on the promising industry will be lifted in November at the BlockExpo and World Blockchain Summit 2021. The event will be attended by more than 300 tech firms and thousands of experts. The event, which targets technologists, futurists, and savvy investors, will be held at the Dubai Exhibition Centre, literally at the doorstep of the Expo 2020 site.

Discover Investment Opportunities from Russia

Top Russian industry leaders and media influencers will address the visitors through exclusive business and media conferences. Entrepreneurs and investors will be exposed to some of the best projects initiated and developed in Moscow. The core idea of such events is to attract visitors interested in Russia to learn more about the country and provide insights on how to invest in Moscow. On showcase will be opportunities in business entrepreneurship apart from the culture and heritage of Russia. These events will be held at the Russia pavilion inside the site’s mobility district.

EU Business Forum Offers Networking Opportunities

The European Union (EU) will host a business forum on 23rd October to explore the opportunities for the EU and GCC governments and the private sector. The special event will also discuss post-Covid-19 economic recovery policies aimed at identifying business opportunities for sustainable post-pandemic recovery and development.

Insights from Global Africa Forum

The Global Africa Forum is being hosted by Expo 2020 and the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry. It will focus on the economic outlooks of the UAE and Africa with emphasis on encouraging investment flows, addressing challenges and identifying opportunities.

Investment Opportunities in Switzerland

The Swiss Pavilion at the Expo 2020 will showcase business setup opportunities, especially some valuable insights on how to build smart cities of the future. Business visitors seeking healthcare-related opportunities can understand the evolution of value-based healthcare in the region via Roche’s special 125th-anniversary exhibition in November.

Opportunity to Explore Emerging Technologies

The Nigeria Tech Conference will be held on 21st October, which will enable the visitors to have a look at the latest emerging technology in Africa and potential investment opportunities in store for the businesses. The key speakers of the event are expected to talk about how Africa is connecting and harnessing the transformative power of technology with displays showcasing to the world Nigeria’s enormous strides and successes in its technological progress.

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