A guide to KHDA approval for education businesses in dubai mainland

A Guide to KHDA Approval for Education Business in Dubai Mainland

Obtaining external approvals for special activities ( engineering, audit, money exchange, construction etc)  on the mainland from government bodies is a critical part of the process of business setup in Dubai. Setting up of educational institutions and training institutes in Dubai mainland is a highly regulated activity, which requires prior approval from the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA). Providing education or training is considered a special activity because such activities create a deep impact on our daily lives.

Investors who are professionals and qualified and wish to set up training institutes or educational institutes in Dubai mainland must know about the role of KHDA and the requirements to get the authority’s approval. Business set up consultants in Dubai mainland can assist you in obtaining KHDA approval for your education business. However, we have written this article so that you can plan your company formation process. Read on to know more about KHDA approval to incorporate educational and training institutes in Dubai mainland.

Who can start an educational related business in Dubai?

Only qualified and professionals with good academic background and history of the work can apply to start an educational related business in Dubai/UAE.

What is Knowledge and Human Development Authority?

KHDA is an administrative unit under the Dubai government established to support and regulate private education in Dubai. KHDA oversees the growth and quality of private education in Dubai. KHDA issues license to private educational institutes and training institutes and audit them to assess their compliance status to its standards. Business set up consultants in Dubai can advise you about the KHDA requirements.

Types of Institutions Licensed by KHDA

KHDA mainly oversee five types of permit issuance procedures in connection with the process of business setup in Dubai. KHDA’s permit processes are connected to issuance, renewal, amendment, cancellation, and advertising for education providers. KHDA issues permit for three types of education providers in Dubai. They are,

  • Early Learning and Schools (K12)
  • Higher Education Institutions
  • Training Institutes

Key Requirements Before Approaching KHDA

Education providers who intend to obtain a KHDA permit must initiate a few critical steps before approaching the authority. Investors must first submit an application and other relevant documents to the Department of Economic Development (DED). Entrepreneurs should carry out all the necessary steps of business setup in Dubai as mandated by the DED. Business set up consultants in Dubai can help you obtain the DED license before approaching KHDA. The following are the key steps of company formation in Dubai as mandated by the DED:

  1. Select the business activity
  2. Determine an appropriate legal structure
  3. Reserve a name for the institution
  4. Obtain initial approval from DED
  5. Rent or lease a space
  6. Obtain KHDA permit
  7. Submit all documents including approvals
  8. Pay the official fee
  9. Receive the license

Requirements of Obtaining KHDA Permit

The process of obtaining a KHDA permit in Dubai can be executed online with the assistance of business setup consultants in Dubai. The following are the key requirements:

  •  Name of the institution
  •  Details of quality assurance and contact details
  •  A true copy of the board of resolution
  • Copy of the trade license issued by the DED
  • Copy of trade license of Academic Infrastructure Provider (AIP)/ Investor (If applicable)
  • Copy of lease agreement for the institution premises
  •  Signed Certificate of Authorisation from the Academic Head
  •  Copy of the Certificate of Fitness from the governing body for health care (if the facility has an in-house medical clinic)
  •  A true copy of the Completion Certificate from Dubai Municipality (if applicable)
  •  Completed KHDA Undertaking for the Academic Head
  •  Completed KHDA Undertaking for the investors (if applicable)
  •  Submit Academic plan
  • List of courses and course descriptions

Process of Permit Approval by KHDA

After completing the processes of business setup in Dubai with the DED, the investors must submit the necessary documents to the KHDA. KHDA will review the application and issue an initial approval, which will enable you to obtain a business license in Dubai from the DED. Then there will be an interview between the institution’s principal candidate and the KHDA team. The KHDA will issue the permit once the principal is appointed, and the official fee is paid. In the final step, KHDA’s compliance team will schedule a final visit to assess the institution’s operational readiness.

How can Jitendra Business Setup Consultants Help You?

Getting a KHDA permit is the most integral part of the process of business setup in Dubai mainland for opening schools and training institutes. The investors need to know about both the DED requirements as well as KHDA rules to obtain an educational service license in Dubai. In its entirety, the process involves some complex steps, which necessitates the assistance of business setup consultants in Dubai such as Jitendra Business Consultants (JBC).

JBC can help you navigate the company formation process as mandated by the DED without any hassle. Once the DED process is completed, our business setup advisers can assist you in getting initial approval from KHDA. You can submit the KHDA approval to the DED to obtain the trade license. We will help you to ensure that the documentation is adequate, accurate and free of errors. JBC can also help the investors to navigate requirements such as visa processing, sponsorship of dependent’s visa, and bank account opening. Contact us today to set up your education business in Dubai without any hassle.