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A Guide to Accurately Choose Business Activities in Dubai Mainland

Correctly identifying activities is one of the first yet crucial choices an investor must make while setting up a business in Dubai. In contrast with the free zones, the mainland offers thousands of activities, making the decision-making process tougher for the investors. However, accurately selecting the activities is paramount to the process of business setup in Dubai. The activity you have chosen must align with the nature of your business.

You need to also understand whether your preferred activity has any restrictions or require any approval from government bodies. In situations where decision making becomes hard, entrepreneurs can rely upon the advice of business setup consultants in Dubai. However, as a first step, you can go through this article where every nuance of the mainland activities is detailed. Read ahead to know how to accurately choose business activities in Dubai mainland.

Number of Activities in Dubai Mainland 

Foreign investors prefer the process of business setup in Dubai mainland for a wide variety of reasons. And the number of activities is one of the chief reasons why foreigners love to do business on the Dubai mainland.  The Dubai Department of Economic Development (DED) permits nearly 3,000 business activities on the mainland. You can’t have this many activities in any of the free zones in the UAE.

Restrictions on Mainland Business Activities  

You need to be vigilant while choosing an activity on the mainland as some activities may require approval from relevant ministries or government bodies. These activities are called special activities. Such activities are considered special because the risk associated with such activities can create a deep impact on our daily lives. Activities such as healthcare, accounting, consultancy services, engineering activities, banking etc. are deemed to be risky and require external approvals.

In case of special activities, the DED requests the assistance of Ministries or government bodies to check if the activity abides by the UAE laws. Such assessments by the concerned Ministries helps in keeping a balance in the economic cycle, thereby minimising the risk to our daily lives. You need to know what are the special activities and understand the entities that approve. Business setup consultants in Dubai can advise you in this regard.

Special Activities & Related Ministries for External Approval 

Entrepreneurs interested in taking up the process of business setup in Dubai must know about the special activities. Here is a list of some of the special activities and the approving authorities:

  1. Travel & Tourism activities must be approved by the Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing (DTCM), Dubai
  2. Entrepreneurs carrying out Gym and Fitness Centres must obtain prior approval from Dubai Sports Council/Emirates Body Building Federation (EBBF)
  3. Approval from the Ministry of Social Affairs is a prerequisite for Social Club registration and licensing activities
  4. Banks and financial institutions will be licensed only after obtaining approval from the Central Bank of the UAE
  5. The Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) approves training institutes, schools, nursery schools, and other educational institutions in DubaiThe
  6. National Media Council (NMC) approves activities such as printing, publishing, advertising, social media and other media-related activities
  7. Trading of pharmaceutical and medical products must be approved by the Ministry of Health
  8. Engineering related activities, construction, building maintenance etc. must be carried out with approval from the Dubai Municipality
  9. Approval from the Ministry of Finance and Industry is needed for Manufacturing facilities
  10. Activities related to tents, awnings and Tarpaulin manufacturing require approval from the Environment Protection Section of Dubai Municipality
  11. Road and Transport Authority (RTA) approval is a prerequisite for carrying out transportation and vehicle rental activities
  12. Advocates and Legal Consultants require clearance from the Ruler’s Office to carry out business activities in Dubai
  13. Real Estate Regulatory Agency (RERA) is in charge of approving real estate activities and Business Centre Activities in Dubai
  14. Dubai Health Authority (DHA) approval is required for all medical-related activities
  15. Activities of Chartered Accountants, Insurance Companies and Insurance Brokers require clearance from the Ministry of Economy
  16. Oil and Gas businesses must obtain the approval of the Dubai Court
  17. Approval from the Ministry of Labour (MoL) is mandatory for Man Power Recruitment Agencies
  18. Restaurants and Cafeterias need approval from the Dubai Municipality

Activities that Need Professional Qualification 

Investors initiating the process of business setup in Dubai must understand that certain activities will be granted subject to the applicant’s professional qualification and experience. Activities such as Auditing, Legal and Medicine, Management Consultancy, Engineering etc. can be carried out only if the entrepreneur has a professional degree. Apart from the qualification, they should possess experience in the specific activity in their country of origin.

The applicant will also be subjected to exams/tests by the local regulators to be eligible for the practice in the UAE. For instance, if you want to start a management consultancy in Dubai, the business owner or the director should clear the Management Skills Placement Test conducted by the American University of Dubai (AUD). Learn more about such activities by consulting with business setup consultants in Dubai.

Hire the Best Business Setup Consultants in Dubai 

Choosing the right activity is the cornerstone of the process of business setup in Dubai mainland. Selecting the wrong activity may land your business dreams in big trouble. That is why you should hire business setup consultants in Dubai such as Jitendra Business Consultants (JBC). JBC has a team of company formation experts in Dubai who can advise you on the requirements associated with each business activity. Call us today to successfully set up a business in Dubai mainland.