Rules & requirements to Sponsor the UAE visa of an Indian Maid Nanny

Rules & Requirements to Sponsor the UAE Visa of an Indian Maid/Nanny

Hiring maids in Dubai has become a critical necessity for busy entrepreneurs and working professionals, given the city’s fast-paced lifestyle. Individuals who struggle to keep the work-life balance intact need someone to look after their kids and do the chores while they are away at work. With the help of PRO firms in Dubai, such individuals can sponsor the residency visas of maids/nannies.

The rules for sponsoring maids in Dubai specify that the expatriates can sponsor only maids from countries such as India, Ethiopia, the Philippines, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Bangladesh. Certain rules may differ based on the maid’s country of origin. In this article, we shed light on the rules for sponsoring the UAE residency visa of an Indian maid. Read on.

Common Conditions to Sponsor Maids in Dubai

In view of the risk of human rights violation and abuse, the UAE has placed stringent regulations for sponsoring maids. The expatriates need to meet a certain salary bracket and other conditions to be eligible to sponsor a maid in Dubai. These conditions have been implemented to ensure that the maids are entitled to minimum wage and a safer work environment. The expatriates need to meet the following requirements to hire a nanny in Dubai:

  • The age of Indian maids shouldn’t be less than 30 (this may differ for other nationalities)
  • Sponsor’s monthly salary of at least AED 25,000
  • Sponsors have to make an annual fee of AED 9200 payment at the Immigration Department
  • Only individuals who live with their families can sponsor a maid in Dubai
  • Bachelors can’t hire a maid’s service in Dubai
  • The maid and the Sponsor shouldn’t be related in any way

Special Requirements for Sponsoring an Indian Maid in Dubai

Each country has its own special rules to allow its citizens to work as a maid in Dubai or the UAE. Expatriates should be aware of these regulations and must stick to them. The major requirements are:

Deposit at Indian Consulate/Embassy

Once the UAE immigration issues the visa, the applicant needs to make a deposit of AED 9200 at the Indian Consulate. The applicants can get the deposit refunded after the cancellation of the maid’s visa is done.

Register on E-Migrate System

Expatriates who want to sponsor an Indian maid’s visa in the UAE should register at the e-migrate system of India’s Ministry of External Affairs. The registration is a prerequisite to obtaining Emigration clearance from India. Registration on the e-migrate system applies to all types of passport holders.

No Relation Certificate

The sponsors should obtain a No Relations certificate from the Indian Consulate Attestation Centre to prove that the housemaid and the Sponsor/spouse are not related. The No Relation Certificate is mandatory if both the maid and her Sponsor are Indian nationals. The certificate needs to be shown at the immigration at the time of applying for the entry permit. The No Relation Certificate is not required in case the Sponsor is not an Indian national.

The rule for Indian Maids Staying Inside the UAE

If the maid is in the UAE on a Visit / Tourist Visa and her passport holds ECR (Emigration Check Required), the Sponsor should first make her exit and apply for an Affidavit for the No Relation Certificate. The Indian Consulate will deny the No Relation Certificate if the maid is within the UAE holding an ECR passport.

Documents Required for Sponsoring an Indian Maid in Dubai

Expatriates who wish to sponsor an Indian maid should gather the following documents and approach the PRO firms in Dubai:

  • Maid’s Photo in white background
  • Maid’s passport or copy of passport
  • Salary certificate of the Sponsor
  • Labour contract of the Sponsor
  • Partnership contract if the Sponsor is an investor
  • Original court agreement showing shareholding, copy of trade license if Sponsor is an investor
  • Tenancy contract showing a minimum of two bedrooms (must be attested through Ejari online system of RERA
  • Sponsor’s Emirates ID
  • Attested original marriage certificate of Sponsor (legal translation in Arabic)
  • Original DEWA bill in the name of the applicant or spouse
  • IBAN of the Sponsor

Sponsor a Maid through PRO Companies in Dubai

Sponsoring an Indian maid in Dubai is not an easy process. The expatriate residents need to be familiar with all kinds of mandatory requirements and standards associated with the process of sponsoring the residency visa of a maid/nanny in the UAE. Understanding the laws is essential to avoid delays or any other punishable non-compliance. This is where PRO firms in Dubai, such as Jitendra Business Consultants (JBC), come in handy for the sponsors. Being one of the best PRO companies in Dubai, JBC has established a strong relationship with government departments, and it will help the residents to ease the process. JBC’s PRO services in Dubai will come in handy for the applicants to avoid any unnecessary delays, and they can complete the process without any hassle.