New Reforms Green Visas & Freelance Visas to Enhance the UAE business landscape

New Reforms: Green Visas & Freelance Visas to Enhance the UAE business landscape

Expatriate residents, who make up over 80% of the UAE population, have been the mainstay of the country’s economy for many years. Over the years, the government has implemented many progressive reforms to make the UAE’s business landscape conducive for expatriates. The latest in this line of reforms come in the form of Green Visas and Freelancer’s Visas announced as part of the 50 years of UAE celebrations. These visas come with unprecedented benefits and PRO firms in Dubai can help entrepreneurs get them without hassle.

A UAE green visa is a new residence visa that de-links the residence permit from a work permit, targeting high-skilled people, investors, entrepreneurs, top students and graduates etc. Freelance visas. On the other hand, the UAE freelance visas are issued to owners of independent businesses, or self-employed individuals. In this blog, you can learn a thing or two about these visas and the immense benefits that come with the new residence visas. Read ahead.

Features of UAE Green Visa

The UAE has always been the perfect place for work, investment and entrepreneurship. The launch of Green Visa just reaffirms the country’s investor-friendly status. The Green Visa will allow you to sponsor your parents, spouse and children. A UAE Green Visa holder can sponsor their children up to the age of 25. Earlier the age limit was 18 and that makes the Green Visas more attractive to foreign investors and entrepreneurs. Furthermore, the Green Visa will not be linked to work permits.

The ability to sponsor parents in the UAE under a Green Visa is significant as many previous restrictions have been loosened. Many strict conditions have been changed including the previous requirements such as minimum salary, a rental contract and renting an apartment spacious enough to accommodate the entire family. Other significant changes include extension of business trip permits from three months to six months and extension of grace period for leaving the country after losing a job or retirement to 180 days instead of 30 days.

Features of the New UAE Freelancers Visa

Individuals who like to work independently often rely upon freelance visas for obtaining residency in the UAE. Earlier, such individuals were forced to depend upon the freelance visas offered by the free zones in the UAE to be their boss. Free zone freelance visas come with many restrictions, especially the inability to have clients on the mainland.

The new freelancer’s visa system announced by the government operates at the federal level. This eliminates the constraints of the free zone freelance visa system. With the new Freelance Visa, it has become easier for self-employed individuals to work anywhere in the UAE without obtaining work permits and employment contracts. The freelance visas offered by the free zones are essentially ‘freelance work permits’ but the new freelancer’s visa is not linked to such work permits.

Relaxation in residency laws

The new relaxations in the UAE residency rules have augured well for specific groups such as widows and divorced women. They will now be able to remain longer in the country without visa constraints. Instead of the previous grace period of 30 days, widows & divorced women will be able to continue in the UAE for a whole year.

Temporary work visa scheme for Some Students

Along with the Green Visa and Freelancers Visa, the government also announced a temporary visa scheme for students as well. The government announced that students aged 15 and above will soon be allowed to work in the UAE under a temporary visa scheme. The new provision for students will allow them to gain some experience while adding value to the UAE economy. Details about this visa scheme are yet to be announced. PRO companies in Dubai can keep you updated when the government releases further details.

How to Benefit from the New UAE Residency Visa Reforms?

The new UAE residency visa reforms will allow the investors, professionals, entrepreneurs, specialised talents and their families to make the UAE their second home without any legal complications. They can work, live and do business in the UAE and enjoy the country’s investor-friendly environment. With relaxed residency rules, the foreigners can enjoy benefits such as low taxation, 100% ownership of businesses, eventual shift to ten-year Golden Visa and UAE citizenship etc.

The UAE ranks at 16 in the ease of doing business index by the World Bank. The country’s top cities such as Dubai and Abu Dhabi are often ranked as the safest cities for women and children. With the new residency rules, you can easily gain access to such unparalleled benefits. PRO firms in Dubai can help you enjoy all such benefits without any hassle.

PRO Companies in Dubai can Make the Process Easier for You

The new announcements regarding Green Visa and Freelancers Visa have provided a big relief for professionals, investors and entrepreneurs as the COVID-19 pandemic has created economic uncertainties around the world. Migrating to the UAE has emerged as the top option for everyone to navigate the challenges of the pandemic. The new visas and relaxation in residency rules make it easier for people to migrate to the UAE. Those who are unaware of the rules, procedures and paperwork must apply through the PRO companies in Dubai to ensure faster visa clearance.

The documentation and medical tests for visas can appear complex for the expatriates and that’s why the assistance of PRO firms in Dubai such as Jitendra Business Consultants (JBC) turns out to be necessary. JBC has years of experience in providing PRO services in Dubai for investors, professionals and entrepreneurs. As JBC can ensure perfect documentation, your path to residency in the UAE becomes easier.