Everything You Must Know About Starting a Flower Selling Business in Dubai

Everything You Must Know About Starting a Flower Selling Business in Dubai

Europe, especially Holland, is regarded as the centre of the floriculture industry, the business has high growth prospects in Dubai. The environment of business setup in Dubai is perfectly conducive for the flower industry due to the presence of a large number of European and American residents in the emirate. People buy flowers as gifts or to celebrate events such as weddings and this makes it a profitable business idea. All you need to do is create a sound business plan and consult with business setup consultants in Dubai for obtaining the license.

There are no complicated steps when it comes to company formation in Dubai mainland. However, you can’t afford to commit any wrong steps as it may delay the take-off of your venture. And that is why we decided to put into this blog everything you must know about starting a flower business in Dubai. Read on for the steps, requirements and benefits of starting a flower business in Dubai mainland.

License for Selling Flowers in Dubai 

The license for selling flowers online in Dubai is being issued by the Department of Economic Development (DED). The DED recognises the selling of Flowers & Ornamental Plants as a Commercial activity ( Activity code: 4620102). Business setup consultants in Dubai can help you with the process of obtaining a flower trading business.

The Process of Setting up a Flower Business in Dubai 

The DED has put in place certain highly streamlined steps that make the process of business setup in Dubai more efficient. To get the license without delay, you need to navigate these steps carefully. The following are the major steps for obtaining a flower selling license in Dubai.

1. Choose the Business Activity 

You need to select the right business activity for setting up a business in Dubai. The best thing will be to write down the primary as well as all the sub-activities you might want to do. Cross-check the activity with the DED permitted activities list before applying for the license. Another easy method is discussing the activities with the best business setup consultants in Dubai who can help you choose the right activities.

2. Determine the Legal Structure 

You need to choose the right corporate structure for your business in Dubai mainland. The legal structure is determined based on the number of shareholders in the company. If you have more than two partners or shareholders, you can form a Limited Liability Company (LLC) in Dubai. There are other legal structures such as sole proprietorship, branch of a foreign or UAE company etc. Talk to a company formation expert in Dubai to decide on the right legal structure.

3. Reserve a Company name with the DED 

In the next step, you need to select a few trade names for your company and reserve them with the DED. The company should follow the rules set out by the DED if you want to get speedy approval. Most importantly, the trade name should not be identical to the names of other companies and it should not violate public morals or social order.

4. Obtain DED’s initial Approval 

In the next step, you should get initial approval from the DED, so that you can proceed further. The DED will issue an initial approval certificate if everything goes right. Company formation specialists in Dubai can make the process faster for you.

5. Rent a shop and get the tenancy contract

Your flower businesses in Dubai need to have a physical address. For this, you can sign the tenancy contract with the landlord and register the contract with Ejari for attestation. The attested contract should be submitted to the DED to proceed further with the license issuing procedure.

6. Obtain external approval from Dubai Municipality 

The business of selling flowers in Dubai mainland is subject to Dubai Municipality rules and regulations. The Municipality holds the right to regulate the activity and you need to obtain its approval for obtaining the license

7. Submit Documents and get the trade license 

After renting the shop space, you can submit all the documents to the DED. It should be noted that along with the required documents, the DED initial approval receipt and duly attested MoA need to be submitted. The company formation specialists in Dubai, UAE will ensure that all the documents are properly submitted. If everything is in order, the DED will issue the trade license for the flower selling company.

How can Jitendra Business Consultants Help you? 

Several confusions are likely to bother you while executing the steps of business setup in Dubai mainland.  The selection of activities, determining the right legal structure, drafting the Memorandum of Association etc. If you think those hurdles will delay your entry into the game, seek the help of business setup consultants in Dubai such as Jitendra Business Consultants (JBC).

JBC’s highly qualified business consultants can guide the investors through every step of company formation in Dubai right from the registration to the company incorporation. With JBC’s assistance, the investors need not worry about the burdens of documentation or DED regulations. JBC will take care of every requirement of the business setup process and the investors can plan their business strategies with peace of mind.