PRO Services in Dubai

PRO Services in Dubai: Five Reasons Why Outsourcing is Better than In-House

Setting up a new business in Dubai is an exciting idea for foreign investors and entrepreneurs. However, to taste success, you need to do the groundwork carefully and should be aware of the nitty-gritty such as running around government offices for purposes such as visas, establishment cards, labour cards etc. That demands the necessity to avail of PRO services in Dubai, which will help you smoothly navigate all such legal requirements.

When it comes to PRO services, you have two options: recruiting an in-house full-time PRO, called Public Relationship Officer or Government officer or outsource the requirements to PRO firms in Dubai. Since the work of a PRO has a vital role to determine the success and reputation of your business, you have to decide which option is the best for you. Here are five reasons that will show you why outsourcing is better than in-house.

1. Outsourcing PRO services in Dubai Saves Cost 

Many small businesses initially play around with the idea of appointing an in-house PRO officer to look after government-related works. They think it’s a good idea as they can give instructions straight to the face of an individual who sits at their office all the time. It’s a good idea but not suited for small businesses and startups. Many startups have switched to the outsourcing mode after tasting the disadvantages of appointing an in-house person.

Cost is the biggest disadvantage of appointing an in-house PRO person in Dubai. You have to provide the person salary, wages, insurance and all other benefits he is entitled to. Apart from the benefits, you have to take into account the salary hikes and incentives the person is legally entitled to. By outsourcing the requirement to PRO firms in Dubai, you can save all that money and invest it in other vital departments. You need to pay only for the requirement when you outsource.

2. Outsourcing PRO Services Saves Time 

Dubai is an open economy and the government policies are investor-friendly at best. The menace of red tape is minimal compared to other big economies across the world. Yet, foreign investors might find the immigration laws, labour laws and licensing procedures complex. Without the assistance of PRO companies in Dubai, you may find yourself wasting a lot of time in compiling the documents and standing in long queues at the government departments.

You also need to consider if any updates are happening in procedures or laws. Since the emergence of the Covid-19 situation, the government announces temporary changes in procedures related to the issuance of visas, legalisation of documents etc. PRO firms in Dubai can keep you updated about such changes in procedures. This will eliminate any potential delays and you can invest your time in your core business activities.

3. PRO Companies Act as Expert Partner 

Appointing an in-house PRO person will serve its purpose only when the person is highly experienced and qualified. The PRO person should be well-versed in labour laws, immigration laws, free zone regulations and mainland licensing procedures. The person also should be able to smoothly handle the government officials.

Recruiting a person with such a profile will be tough for small businesses and startups. If the recruited person is less qualified or less experienced, your approvals and visa processing will be delayed. On the other hand, PRO firms in Dubai are composed of a team of professionals who possess the legal know-how and experience in handling the authorities.

4. No Surprises & Shocks 

You will not be exposed to surprises and shocks such as penalties for late renewal of licenses, expiry of visas etc. Many companies have faced such unforeseen events while relying on in-house resources. They are professionals and you will be getting constant reminders for renewals of licenses and visas.

They keep a track of the documents and proceedings at the government offices. They maintain proper track of even the smallest of things like when the visa of employees will expire, any compliances to be made, etc. and remind the business management regarding the same.

5. PRO Companies Dubai Offer Transparency 

Companies that provide PRO services in Dubai ensure transparency in their work. The billing and government charges will be supported with proper bills, invoices and copies of bills. It means you will not be overcharged for the services you have subscribed to. Transparency can’t be guaranteed if you are depending on an in-house professional. An in-house employee poses the risk of lack of professionalism, fraud non-compliance and malpractice. You can avoid all such risks by outsourcing the function to the best PRO firms in Dubai.

How Can Jitendra Business Consultants Help you? 

PRO services in Dubai deserves to be given proper attention right from the moment you start a business. PRO firms in Dubai can save you from time-consuming documentation works, visa processing and renewals. PRO companies in Dubai such as Jitendra Business Consultants (JBC) can perform the follow-ups such as renewals and expiry dates of trade license, checking the updated policies and regulations regarding labour, immigration, chamber of commerce and other related government institutions.

JBC’s PRO services in the UAE help your business easily connect with government ministries and departments, enabling you to effortlessly meet your daily operational requirements. JBC provides customised PRO services, tailored to your specific business requirements, taking care of all government-related documentation clearance.