D-tec: An Ideal Free Zone Choice in Dubai for Entrepreneurs and Tech Startups

D-tec: An Ideal Free Zone Choice in Dubai for Entrepreneurs and Tech Startups

Agility, flexibility and cost-effectiveness are the three magic words that young entrepreneurs consider while weighing their business setup options in Dubai. We can say without a doubt that a free zone equipped with these characteristics is an optimal choice for setting up a startup in Dubai. When it comes to business setup in Dubai, Dubai Technology Entrepreneur Campus (D-tec) stands apart as it provides an agile and flexible ecosystem for startups.

Launched by Dubai Silicon Oasis, D-tec has grown by leaps and bounds to become a thriving startup hub facilitating easy company formation in Dubai for young entrepreneurs. Aspiring entrepreneurs from foreign countries successfully set up their startups in De-tec leveraging the free zone’s robust incubation and mentorship programmes. Foreign entrepreneurs can minimise the hassles of incorporation by availing services of the best business setup consultants in Dubai.

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In this article, we shed light on why Dtec is regarded as an ideal Free Zone Choice to Set up a startup in Dubai. Read ahead…

Startup Support from the Beginning Stage

Entrepreneurs receive ample support right from the start as Dtec mentors them with diligently designed accelerator programmes. Dtec has two accelerator programs– the Dubai Smart City Accelerator and the Intelak incubator. Entrepreneurs seeking a jump start for their innovative startups get intense and rapid mentorship through these programs.

The incubator programs offer you access to Dtec’s co-working spaces, a network of mentors, advisers and educators. The young entrepreneurs at Dtec receive strong and immersive training that would give them the right tools to pitch their disruptive ideas to potential investors. Consult with the best business setup consultants in Dubai to know how you can avail the benefits of the accelerator programs offered by Dtec.

Sophisticated Co-working Space Solutions

Investors consider Dtec as a thriving business hub for startups, mainly due to the flexible options available for business setup in Dubai. The flexible co-working spaces at Dtec provide a competitive edge to entrepreneurs who aim for a cost-effective company formation in Dubai. Dtec’s co-working spaces are more than a shared desk as entrepreneurs benefit from world-class facilities including high-speed Wi-Fi, parking spaces, 24/7 site access, meeting rooms, café, gaming rooms etc.

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Dtec has efficient short-term leasing options for Flexi desks that are ideal for freelancers, travelling business people, students, and any professional who does remote working to navigate the COVID-19 norms. Registering your Dtec Company through the best business setup consultants in Dubai enables you to make the right office space choices.

Support to Raise Funding for Startups

Securing investments is the toughest nut to crack while setting up a startup anywhere in the world. Your idea may be disruptive but convincing the investors about its feasibility is the biggest hurdle you need to leap over. If Dtec is your preferred choice of business setup in Dubai, securing funding for your bidding startup is rather easy.

Dtec has a dedicated funding programme to secure investments for innovative technology startups in Dubai. Dtec Ventures, the Venture Capital Fund of Dtec, invests in early-stage technology companies in the MENA region with a focus on Dubai startups. Dtec is one of the best known early-stage investors in Dubai that has made more than twenty investments to date.

Developing a Culture of Financial Discipline

Young entrepreneurs setting up a business in Dubai are often accused of lacking financial discipline, especially when it comes to requirements such as audit and accounting. However, setting up a business in Dubai free zones such as Dtec enables them to be financially disciplined by focusing on maintaining books of accounts and performing an annual audit. Companies operating in Dtec are required to submit audited financial statements while renewing the trade license. You can consult with the best business setup consultants in Dubai that provide audit & account services to ensure compliance.

Early-stage startups that are being incubated by Dtec get support and guidance on how to streamline the business by bringing in financial discipline. Dtec regularly conducts events for the free zone members, and sometimes you may find yourself working with your suppliers in a shared area in the co-working space. This brings in more transparency and speed in terms of invoices or chasing payments.

Leverage UAE-Israel Business Ties

The environment of business setup in Dubai got revved up after the signing of Abraham Accords with Israel in the latter half of 2020. Since Israel is labelled as the ‘Startup Nation’, the business community expects the peace accord will bring more opportunities for startups in Dubai. Being the UAE’s most integrated tech ecosystem, Dtec will be the centre of attraction when Israeli tech pioneers arrive.

Israel’s strength is spread across a variety of fields including Fintech, Insurtech, digital transformation services, Artificial Intelligence (AI), fraud prevention, risk analysis etc. Startups incorporated in Dtec can get hold of these capabilities which would enrich the entrepreneurs with the best practices in tech, strategy and go-to-market. Get the best of the new opportunities by starting a company with the help of the best business setup consultants in Dubai.

Why Should You Consult with Business Setup Consultants in Dubai?

Dtec has played a key role in attracting entrepreneurs into Dubai by providing an integrated tech ecosystem replete with world-class facilities. Dtec facilitates an easier way for business setup in Dubai for tech entrepreneurs with opportunities for investments and incubation. Even though the process of company formation in Dubai free zones such as Dtec is straightforward, the entrepreneurs need bespoke assistance to avoid delays in incorporation.

The best business setup consultants in Dubai such as Jitendra Business Consultants (JBC) advise foreign entrepreneurs about how to navigate the licensing process, visa & immigration requirements, drafting of documents etc. JBC’s highly qualified company formation consultants can equip you with the right strategies for successfully setting up a company in Dubai. The path to business success becomes easy for entrepreneurs with professional advice from JBC’s consultants.