Why SHAMS is the Best Free Zone Choice in UAE for Creative Professionals?

Why SHAMS is the Best Free Zone Choice in UAE for Creative Professionals?

COVID-induced lockdowns have proven to be profitable for the media and online entertainment industries. The restrictions in the physical movement have led to a rise in the number of people turning to stream platforms and other forms of media that can be accessed through mobile phones or laptops. The change in consumer behaviour has given a new impetus for business setup in the UAE as free zones such as Sharjah Media City (SHAMS) offer great benefits for creative professionals.

Creative professionals who wish to set up a media business in the UAE must consider SHAMS as a top priority. Foreign investors need not worry about the legalities of forming a company in SHAMS if they are availing the assistance of business setup consultants in the UAE. Here is a list of reasons you must start your media, film or entertainment business in SHAMS:

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1. Cost-effective Licenses

Business set up in SHAMS is one of the most cost-effective options available for creative entrepreneurs in the media industry. New entrepreneurs can successfully start their operations with SHAMS business setup packages starting from AED 11,500. Furthermore, the entrepreneurs get to enjoy free zone benefits such as 100% foreign ownership, zero taxation, no import/ export duties.

2. Flexible Office Space Facilities

Freelancers, start-ups and other companies have plenty of office space options when it comes to business setup in SHAMS. Freelancers prefer the shared desk option in SHAMS while start-ups may prefer the dedicated desk that allows the entrepreneurs to work closely with other like-minded businessmen. SHAMS also provides dedicated office and shared office options, which are highly affordable. Consult with the best business setup consultants in the UAE to gain vital tips to choose the right kind of office space for your business.

3. Special Packages for Influencers

Businesses are nowadays using social media for branding and marketing purposes. With the advent of platforms such as Instagram and TikTok, influencer marketing has become critical for businesses. SHAMS provides a specialised platform where businesses can interact directly with influencers for potential collaborations.

Influencers and bloggers require a license approved by the National Media Council (NMC) to legally operate in the UAE. SHAMS provide affordable company formation packages for influencers that come with NMC approval. Individual influencers, influencer companies and agencies commencing business setup in the UAE can take advantage of the cost-effective license provided by SHAMS.

4. Film Commission for Entertainment Sector

SHAMS is the only free zone in Sharjah that offers business setup options for both local and international film production companies. The free zone authority has established the SHAMS Film Commission to make Sharjah the preferred destination for international filmmakers. Production companies that initiate business setup in SHAMS will get access to the beautiful locales in Sharjah for shooting their movies. The SHAMS Film Commission will provide to the companies a database of heritage buildings, beaches, modern hotels, high-rise infrastructure etc.

5. Freelancer License for Media Professional

The freelancing market in the UAE is growing by leaps and bounds, especially after the COVID-19 pandemic. In the wake of pandemic uncertainties, more companies now prefer to work with freelancers which creates a win-win situation for both employers and freelancers.  SHAMS offers a pocket-friendly freelancer package for professionals working in the media, tech and education industries. Getting a SHAMS freelancer license is easier when applied through the best business setup consultants in the UAE.

6. Free Training and Workshops for Clients

SHAMS provide a handful of opportunities for creative professionals to foster their business after the company incorporation. SHAMS conduct regular training events for businesses that are engaging directly in the media sector. Free workshops are being provided to businesses and professionals on photography, film, cinematography, etc. Media professionals can enhance their skills through these workshops as training is imparted by globally renowned industry experts.

7. Opportunity for Business Networking

By setting up a business in SHAMS, media entrepreneurs are entitled to be a part of the free zone’s thriving business community. The SHAMS business community frequently conducts seminars, conferences and networking events that help the entrepreneurs gain potential investors or future clients. Through such events, the like-minded entrepreneurs meet, share ideas and collaborate. Media companies operating in SHAMS get a free invitation to such networking events where they gain support from other entrepreneurs. In this way, a SHAMS business license plays a key role in the growth of media start-ups.

8. Free Space at Exhibitions

SHAMS provide ample opportunities for media companies to showcase their products or services at major events organised in the UAE. Media companies get free space at high-profile exhibitions such as GITEX and Seamless Middle East. By partaking in such events, the companies can network with traders, IT professionals, technology enthusiasts, students, and consumers. Creative entrepreneurs aiming for business growth get access to these opportunities by initiating company formation in SHAMS.

Consult with the Best Business Setup Consultants in the UAE

SHAMS is a haven for freelancers and media companies due to its affordable business setup packages and unique licenses. SHAMS help creative professionals and start-ups to gain a strong foothold in the UAE by providing access to networking events and other support services. However, business setup in the UAE free zones could become a complex process, if the entrepreneurs are not aware of the legal prerequisites.

Here is why the foreign investors need the legal know-how of business setup consultants in Dubai, such as Jitendra Business Consultants (JBC). JBC’s team comprises highly qualified company formation specialists who are well-versed in both the UAE laws and free zone regulations. JBC helps foreign investors steer clear of potential roadblocks they may encounter while initiating business setup in the UAE. JBC assists the investors in securing licenses, visas, and opening a bank account without any hassle.