Advantages of Company formation in Dubai Airport Free Zone

Free zones are the top priority for foreign entrepreneurs planning to initiate business setup in Dubai given the allure of total control of ownership, lack of corporate tax and straight word incorporation process. Since all the free zones deliver identical benefits, the investors cross-check each free zone with their business requirements to select the right zone for company formation in Dubai. In terms of the benefits and facilities in the offer, Dubai Airport Free Zone (DAFZA) is often ranked among the most preferred free zones in Dubai.

Strategic location, sophisticated facilities, a diverse range of activities, cost-effective license options make business setup in DAFZA a top choice for foreign investors. If support from the best business setup consultants in Dubai is ensured, you can obtain a DAFZA within a few days of application. Before venturing out to establish a company in Dubai, the investors are advised to read the following unique benefits offered by DAFZA:

1.Ideally located in the Heart of Dubai

Location is the top factor that foreign investors consider while choosing a free zone in Dubai to conduct business. DAFZA is strategically located in the heart of Dubai, positioning itself as an optimal basis to do business with both East and the West. If you take into account the top nationalities that invested in DAFZA, you can see a mix of both East and the West. Further, China, India and Switzerland accounted for the lion’s share of exports from DAFZA in the first half of 2020.  Investors who set up a company in DAFZA can claim the benefit of easy access to major roads, ports, and its close proximity to Dubai Airport is a major plus.

2.Cost-effective Office Options

DAFZA is a haven for freelancers and solo entrepreneurs, thanks to the free zone’s affordable Flexi desk options. The Flexi desks or coworking spaces in DAFZA offer access to facilities such as access to desk space, world-class conference rooms, and reception services. Business setup in DAFZA is a highly cost-effective prospect for startups as the free zone’s business centre offers ready access to events space, function rooms and board rooms. Launching a new product, hosting a press conference or conducting an interview is no longer a hassle for the entrepreneurs in DAFZA.

3.Variety of License Types Available

Unlike many other free zones, business setup in DAFZA is unique for the variety in license types. DAFZA mainly provides six types of licenses to facilitate easy company formation in Dubai. The following are the major types of licenses available in DAFZA,

a). Trade License

b). Service Licence

c). Industrial License

d). E-commerce License

e). General Trading License

The sixth License is a dual license option provided in arrangement with the Department of Economic Development (DED). Dual License allows the companies registered in DAFZA to apply for a DED license without the requirement for physical office space on the mainland. Consult with the best business setup consultants in Dubai to obtain a license of your choice quickly.

4.Modern Facilities for Industrial Activities

DAFZA is not only the top draw of solo entrepreneurs, but the free zone offers sophisticated facilities to conduct manufacturing and logistics businesses. Investors who carry out industrial business activities in DAFZA get access to DAFZA Light Industrial Units and DAFZA Industrial Park.

The Light Industrial Units can be used either as a warehouse for storage or as a space assembling and light production. Each of these units has an area of approximately 350 square meters, with ground and mezzanine floor offices. Meanwhile, DAFZA Industrial Park serves a wide range of industries – making it the perfect choice for investors eyeing lucrative opportunities in the Middle East market. Business setup consultants in Dubai can guide you about the warehouse facilities available in DAFZA.

5.Easy to Set up a Business in DAFZA

From the first step of filing the application to obtaining a business license, foreign investors need not go through tough procedures in DAFZA. DAFZA provides robust business incorporation and administrative services to both new and existing companies. The free zone’s tailored services aim to make the day-to-day operations easier for the companies incorporated in DAFZA. In addition, the investors can avail services offered by the experienced company set up advisers in Dubai to make the licensing process smooth.

We Can Help you for an Easy Company Formation in Dubai Airport Free Zone

Foreign investors who aim for business setup in Dubai’s DAFZA free zone get access to benefits such as quick licensing procedure, modern warehouses, strategic location, and cost-effective office spaces. Even though the steps involved in free zone company formation in Dubai are generally straightforward, foreign investors new to the region require expert assistance to avoid delays. The best business setup consultants in Dubai such as Jitendra Business Consultants (JBC) offer the investors complete assistance in filing the license application, drafting documents, visa processing, and opening of corporate bank accounts etc. In short, JBC serves as the ultimate mentor for foreign investors for initiating business setup in Dubai Airport Free Zone.


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