Opening a Private Clinic in Dubai: Opportunities & Requirements

Until recently, just before COVID-19, industry experts believed that setting up a clinic in Dubai may become less profitable as the healthcare market was overcrowded. However, it is not the case anymore as the pandemic has boosted the demand for healthcare services in Dubai, UAE. More foreign investors are now exploring the opportunities of business setup in Dubai to make the best out of the renewed demand seen in the healthcare sector.

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Rapid digital transformation and the demand for services like telemedicine also reignited the investors’ interest in the healthcare sector. Also, with the help of business setup consultants in Dubai, it is easier to obtain a private clinic license. Let’s now explore the opportunities and requirements of setting up a private clinic in Dubai Mainland.

Opening a Medical Clinic in Dubai: A Myriad of Opportunities

UAE is one of the leading players in the world when it comes to ensuring robust healthcare services and facilities. As per an analysis by Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the UAE private sector healthcare sector is set for growth on the back of favourable driving factors such as compulsory health insurance for all, privatisation of hospitals, and the high incidence of lifestyle diseases such as diabetes and obesity.

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The report predicts that the UAE healthcare sector will grow at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 7.5% in the next five years. The healthcare expenditure, as per the analysis, will increase in 2021 as more resources will be required to reboot and transform healthcare infrastructure in the post-COVID-19 era. Dubai Chamber also foresees a rebound in medical tourism sales on account of the government’s steps in implementing precautionary measures and smart technologies to reduce the spread of Covid-19.

Key Requirements for Starting a Private Clinic in Dubai

Getting a private clinic license in Dubai mainland involves a set of legal procedures and special approvals. The process of company formation in Dubai will be delayed if the investors lack the legal knowledge to navigate these legal requirements. Availing the services of best business setup consultants in Dubai is the smartest way for quickly setting up a private medical clinic. Following are some useful legal information for getting a private clinic license in Dubai mainland:

  1. A professional license issued by DED is mandatory
  2. Professionals with a relevant medical degree or a director of a clinic with qualifications can open a clinic
  3. A license can be obtained in a wide range of fields such as urology, gynaecology, cosmetology etc.
  4. Appointing a Local Service Agent (LSA) is required since it is a professional license. It also guarantees 100% foreign ownership for the facility in Dubai mainland.
  5. Special approval and license from Dubai Health Authority (DHA) is mandatory for incorporating the private clinic

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The Procedure of Starting a Private Medical Clinic in Dubai

The clinic operators need to adhere to the following steps of business setup in Dubai to obtain a trade license:

1. Reserve a Trade Name

The procedure of company formation in Dubai mainland starts with the trade name reservation with the DED. The business name should comply with the trade name guidelines as non-compliance may lead to rejection of the name. The applicants should submit an online application for reserving the trade name with the DED. The best business setup consultants in Dubai undertake the trade name reservation process to ease the burden off the shoulders of the investors.

2. Obtain Initial Approval from DED

The investors need to submit another application to the DED for obtaining initial approval for the proposed medical clinic in Dubai. The DED reviews and approves the application if it is accurate and supported by relevant documents. Documents like MoA, passport copy and lease agreement (for the facility) should accompany the application. The investors will get an initial approval certificate from DED, which is proof that the DED is not objecting to the proposed business.

3. Obtain Approval from DHA

Once the DED grants the initial approval for the medical clinic proposal, the investors need to secure the approval from DHA. DHA’s approval is mandatory since it controls and regulates the healthcare services in Dubai. The initial approval from DHA could be secured within ten days if everything is in line. The investors need to submit the layout/floor plan for the facility, duly approved by the municipality at this stage.

4. Get a License from DHA

Once the external approval from DHA is secured, the investors need to submit all the relevant documents to the DED for final approval. Once DED green flags the final approval, the investors need to submit an application for DHA license. The owner of the proposed facility should submit the details of all the medical professionals who will be working in the clinic. Then the DHA will verify all the documents and provide a license to open a private clinic in Dubai.

Avail the Best Business Setup Services in Dubai, UAE

Healthcare is a profitable option for business setup in Dubai due to the positive growth outlook in the post-COVID-19 era. However, foreign investors should prioritise both opportunities and the legal requirements in equal measure while initiating company formation in Dubai. The investors need to tackle a series of conditions, processes and steps to successfully open a private medical clinic in Dubai. Availing the best business setup services in Dubai provided by Jitendra Business Consultants (JBC) is the best option to minimise the legal complexities.

JBC has a team of highly qualified business setup consultants who can assist the investors in obtaining a private clinic license in Dubai without any trouble. Getting approvals from DHA is not an easy task, but JBC’s prior experience in dealing with government authorities comes handy for foreign investors in this situation. Consult with JBC at the earliest, to have a hassle-free business setup process in Dubai.

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