Starting A Cleaning Services Company in Dubai: Opportunities & Requirements

The success of a business depends on certain key factors such as the viability of the business idea, demand in the market and favourable business setup conditions. While weighing on these three parameters, setting up a cleaning service business in Dubai mainland makes sense. The environment of business setup in Dubai is perfectly aligned for cleaning service businesses due to the heightened sense of hygiene engendered by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The process of mainland company formation is riddled with certain complexities that could be eased with the professional assistance of business setup consultants in Dubai. Here we list business opportunities and requirements that foreign investors should be aware of while starting a cleaning services company in Dubai mainland:

What are Business Opportunities?

The population of Dubai is an exciting mix of working professionals, investors and other classes with a high disposable income. Most of them live in apartments or villas that require daily cleaning and disinfection practices. Amidst their hectic work schedules, the residents of Dubai may not always be able to fulfil the cleaning responsibilities.

Apart from residential buildings, commercial spaces, and office spaces in Dubai require the services of cleaning companies in Dubai. The focus on hygiene and cleanliness has increased business opportunities in this particular sector. Entrepreneurs who are interested in opening a cleaning service company can consult with the business setup consultants in Dubai.

Types of Cleaning Services in Dubai

Cleaning services cannot be restricted to a single activity. The activities of the cleaning industry can be broadly classified into:

a) Commercial Cleaning

As the name suggests, Commercial Cleaning companies offer their services to offices, hospitals, retail stores etc. Commercial Cleaning mainly focuses on areas that are bigger than the residential spaces and therefore require specialised heavy-duty equipment and supplies.

b) Residential cleaning

Residential Cleaning services are focused on houses, flats, residential villas etc. Such services cater to kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms and other residential spaces.

c) Industrial Cleaning

By setting up an industrial cleaning service company in Dubai, the businesses are allowed to sanitise and maintain industrial buildings, factories and warehouses. Industrial spaces have specific requirements such as cleaning of commercial waste and hazardous waste etc.

Requirements for a Cleaning Service License in Dubai

Department of Economic Development (DED) is the competent authority that issues the trade license for all kinds of businesses in Dubai mainland. The entrepreneurs need to first identify the business activity before initiating company formation in Dubai. A professional license issued by DED is required to start a cleaning services company in Dubai.

By obtaining a professional license in Dubai, the entrepreneurs can set up their cleaning services company with 100% ownership. However, the entrepreneurs need to appoint a UAE national as Local Service Agent (LSA) to avail the total ownership. The following are some of the cleaning service activities permitted under the Professional License

  1. Streets Cleaning Services
  2. Sea & Shore Cleaning Services
  3. Building Cleaning Services
  4. Dry Cleaning Services
  5. Car Washing & Cleaning
  6. Aircraft Cleaning Services

The list is not an exhaustive list of activities permitted by the DED. For a full list of activities and information on starting a cleaning services company, consult with the best business setup consultants in Dubai.

Process of Setting up a Cleaning Services Company in Dubai

With the help of business setup consultants in Dubai, the entrepreneurs can apply for a cleaning services license. To obtain the license, the businessmen need to follow certain predetermined steps set out by the DED. Here are the steps to register a cleaning services company in Dubai mainland:

  1. Choose a Business Activity
  2. Identify Legal Structure
  3. Reserve a trade name
  4. Obtain Initial approval
  5. Obtain external approval if any special activity
  6. Prepare an LSA agreement
  7. Rent an office space
  8. Pay the fee and Collect license

The procedure of cleaning services company formation in Dubai can be completed in such simple steps. However, the process may demand the time and effort of the businessmen. To avoid running around the offices, the entrepreneurs may hire company formation consultants in Dubai who would help them obtain the license quickly.

Obtain a License through Business Setup Advisors in Dubai

Hygiene and cleanliness have become the magic words in the post-pandemic world. The responsibility of maintaining cleanliness in our offices, house and streets have become imperative to create a safer environment. This situation has led to an increase in demand for cleaning services in Dubai. Entrepreneurs who wish to tap into this lucrative opportunity need to get a trade license from DED. Since DED has a set of legal prerequisites and approval system, the process may seem tiring for the expatriate businessmen.

To avoid such troubles, the best business setup consultants in Dubai, such as Jitendra Business Consultants (JBC), offer expert assistance. JBS has years of experience in providing quality business setup services in Dubai for companies of all sizes. JBC acts as a one-stop solution to fulfil requirements such as documentation, visa services, bank account opening, trademarks and VAT.

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