Why Dubai Technopark Free Zone is ideal for Industrial Businesses

Why Dubai Technopark Free Zone is Ideal for Industrial Businesses?

Built around 21 Million square metres of land, Dubai Techno Park offers everything for big companies eyeing industrial business setup in Dubai. As the name suggests, Techno Park primarily caters to Tech companies focusing on research-based innovation but the free zone gives equal thrust to develop Dubai as a major industrial hub. Dubai Techno Park is being operated by Economic Zones World (EZW) and the investors can set up industrial businesses with proper guidance from business setup consultants in Dubai.

Now, let us delve into the major factors that make Dubai Techno Park ideal for Industrial company formation in Dubai:

1. Focus on Key Economic Sectors in the Middle East

Company formation in Dubai Techno Park opens a lucrative path for foreign investors seeking to set up big industries. The free zone makes this possible due to its focus on the key economic sectors in the Middle East such as:

  1. Development of alternate energy resources
  2. Environmental resource management
  3. Water resource management
  4. Life Sciences
  5. Industrial development based on sustainability

2. Strategic Location Advantages

The strategic location of Dubai Techno Park West of JAFZA is a major benefit for the industries. Setting up a business in Dubai Techno Park means the investors can position their company close to a world-class seaport (Jebel Ali Port) and Al Maktoum International Airport. The Jebel Ali Port holds the reputation of being the ninth busiest container port in the world. Al Maktoum International Airport is known to be the world’s biggest cargo and passenger airport. Also, the free zones have seven main entry points through the road.

3. Specially Built Industrial Zone

Dubai Techno Park has a specially dedicated zone facilitating the setting up of large manufacturing facilities in the free zone. Considering the requirements of the manufacturing companies, the industrial zone in Dubai Techno Park is constructed on the north-western outer rim of the free zone. This will reduce the likely environmental impact and disruption of traffic.

4. Robust Facilities Built on Sprawling Area of Land

The facilities in Dubai Techno Park free zone have been built to house 60,000 permanent residents and 133,000 employees. The infrastructure is favourable for investors favouring to set up a business in areas including mobility, logistics, engineering, health, water and energy. The facilities mainly involve powerful structures such as

  1. The Landmark Building
  2. The Boulevard
  3. The Campus Core
  4. The R&D Core
  5. The Mixed-Use Strip

The facilities encompass provisions for renewable energy, research and development and incubator facilities for start-ups focusing on industrial and technological innovations. Also, the mixed-use strip is aligned for commercial development in the form of big malls, retail outlets, showrooms, business-class hotels and office spaces. Hire the best business setup consultants in Dubai to set up a business at affordable prices.

5. Multiple Legal Structure for Company Formation

Unlike many other free zones in the UAE, investors have much more options for company formation in Dubai Techno Park. There are multiple forms of legal business structure available for business setup in Dubai Techno Park free zone. They are:

  1. Limited Liability Company
  2. Sole Establishment
  3. Civil Company
  4. Branch of a GCC Company
  5. Branch of a Foreign Company
  6. Branch of a Free Zone Company
  7. Branch of a Free Zone Establishment

Choosing the right legal structure that suits the industrial business activity is a process that requires expertise. Many foreign investors who are new to Dubai may not be aware of the legalities involved with each business type. This is where experienced company formation consultants in Dubai come into the picture offering expert consultation on choosing the right legal form suitable for the requirements of the entrepreneurs.

6. Company Formation Without Red Tape

Investors who come into Dubai to set up big manufacturing facilities or logistics companies can’t afford to spend their time on lengthy legal procedures to obtain a trade license in their desired business activity. Company formation in Dubai Techno Park is straightforward and involves no complicated processes. The process of getting an industrial license from Dubai Techno Park can be completed in a matter of a few days provided the investors submit all the documents properly. Any likely delay in incorporation can be eliminated if the investors choose to register their industrial business through well-known company formation consultants in Dubai.

Register through Business Setup Consultants in Dubai

Foreign investors who are planning a new industrial business setup in Dubai Techno Park, get the benefits of world-class infrastructure, strategic location, a specialised industrial zone for manufacturing, and an easy business setup procedure. Reputed business setup consultants in Dubai such as Jitendra Business Consultants (JBC) provide the investors with complete assistance in designing a personalized package, finding the best facility for the business, create the best company structure, and support the entrepreneurs along their way to success in the UAE. From obtaining an industrial license to processing the visas, JBC serves as the ultimate guide for foreign investors in Dubai Techno Park.