Estidama/Sustainability License: A Guide for Startups in Dubai

Every investor is required to lease or rent annually physical office space to successfully complete the procedure of business setup in Dubai mainland. The Department of Economic Development (DED) issues a trade license to the applicants only after conducting an inspection on the premises of the office space in Dubai.  Earlier, the businesses were required to have a minimum space of 200 sq ft (It is 100 Sq ft per license unless it is business center activity) to get the trade license issued.

However, with the introduction of Estidama or Sustainability license, the DED nowadays permits businesses to set up office space in a business sustainability center with a minimum space of 50 square feet. Estidama or Sustainability License or popularly known globally as a coworking or Flexi desk is a relief for startup investors as they are no longer required to spend a huge chunk of their investment on permanent office spaces in Dubai.

Clearing the Air on Dubai’s Estidama License

DED introduced the Estidama License by collaborating with the best business centers in Dubai. Under this, the startups can set up their office spaces in Dubai in a sustainability center, which is an area attached to the business center that includes many furnished office spaces. Startups with a commercial license or professional license can avail benefits of the sustainability license and rent a coworking space in DED-approved business centers in Dubai.

The relaxation in the space requirement means the startups can cut their annual rental costs. The Estidama/ sustainability initiative by the DED creates a viable coworking option for investors who seek to set up a new business or the startups that want to renew their existing mainland trade license.

Salient Features of Sustainability Centres in Dubai

A coworking space under the sustainability license comes with all the amenities that in turn accelerates the productivity of the startup professionals. A shared workspace comes with the following features:

  1. Prime location in Dubai with easy access for clients
  2. Common Reception Area
  3. Modern Meeting Rooms
  4. High-speed wifi and telecommunication network
  5. Office spaces equipped with surveillance and security systems
  6. Affordable and flexible rental payment structure
  7. Fully furnished and ready to occupy office space

How to Register Your license Under Coworking Space?

The startups need to adhere to the following steps to register their coworking space in a business center that meets the DED rules.

  1. First choose an approved business sustainability center in business centers in Dubai
  2. Book a coworking space with the business center as per the requirements
  3. Collect Internal Agreement & Tenancy Contract (Ejari) of the business center
  4. Submit all the documents to the DED along with initial approval of trade license to get the Final Trade License Copy

How much Does Sustainability License Cost?

The costs of setting an office space under the sustainability license vary depending on the requirements and additional amenities. The cost also depends upon the location of the sustainability center. For example, the cost of office spaces in a prestigious location like Business Bay would vary from other locations. Startups that look to set up an office space under the sustainability license should check for the best packages offered by prominent business centers in Dubai.

Best Business Centres in Dubai

Renting an office space in Dubai mainland has become more affordable for startups with the Estidama/ Sustainability license initiated by the DED. The Sustainability License allows the startups to rent a coworking space in business centers in Dubai and the entrepreneurs are no longer needed to spend their money on big corporate workspaces. Business centers are designed in such a way that startup entrepreneurs can deploy their workforce in efficient co-working spaces. Co-working spaces are best suited for entrepreneurs that seek to set up businesses in the mainland as they can cut startup and maintenance costs with the major benefit of enhancing productivity.

Now, it is easy for the startup entrepreneurs to find the right co-working space for their business as reputed business centers in Dubai such as Jitendra Business Consultants (JBC) is offering co-working spaces in the mainland. JBC provides the entrepreneurs with a shared conference area, efficient tech, nearby dining options, enhanced safety measures, greenery in the surrounding area, and a multi-use lounge area. JBC’s modern office spaces in Dubai are a great way to save money, enhance growth, bolster creativity, and cultivate success in a rapidly transforming business ecosystem.

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