Investor visa in the UAE

Process of Applying Investor Visa in the UAE

Expats who are investing in businesses on the mainland or in the UAE free zones can apply for the investor visa which is valid for 3 years. With the investor visa, the entrepreneur can enter the UAE, stay here and engage in various business activities. The investors have to go through procedures like the medical test, Emirates ID issuance, visa stamping, and other related processes. The best PRO services in the UAE recommend the investors apply for an investor visa in quick and straightforward steps.

What are the Features of an Investor Visa in the UAE?

With an investor visa, the entrepreneurs can have residence status in the UAE and also can obtain a visa for their dependents. Also, unlike employment visas, there is no requirement to submit educational certificates to obtain an investor visa.

Step by Step Process of Applying for Investor Visa

The process for applying for an investor visa is not complex but the investors need to follow all the guidelines strictly. However, discrepancies may creep in while applying for the visa and the best way to eliminate this is to hire the best PRO companies in Dubai, UAE. PRO services will take care of every step right from documentation to residence visa stamping and applying for visas for the dependents. The following are the step by step procedures for obtaining an investor visa in the UAE:

1) Register for the Investor Visa

Entrepreneurs seeking an investor visa can apply by submitting the visa application form through the E-channel services designed by the UAE government. The online system is an efficient method that eliminates the hassles of burdensome paperwork and makes the process much easier and transparent. Outsourcing the application process to the best PRO firms in Dubai is the best way to make the investor visa application faster.

2) Entry Permit

Applying for the entry permit is the second stage in the process after the online registration. The entry permit or the employment visa is a temporary visa type valid for 60 days. The applicants are issued the entry permit normally within around 5-7 working days. If the investors apply through express services the timeframe for the issue of entry permit could be reduced. The PRO services suggest the investor visa applicants stay within the UAE during this time. Trying to leave the UAE after applying for an entry permit may affect the immigration file, which will further delay the process. The entry permit will be in an electronic form that will be emailed to the applicants.

3) Status Change

The entry permit can be activated by the status change process. The status change can be performed in three different methods. The first method applies to investors who are currently in the UAE. They are required to submit their passport to the immigration department to get the visa stamped. It will be activated normally in three to five working days.

In the second method, the investors can exit and re-enter the UAE to get the status of their entry permit changed. They can submit their printed form of entry permit to the immigration officer at the airport on arrival. The officer will get the visa stamped. However, seeking the guidance of efficient PRO services in Dubai, UAE is highly recommended to choose the most appropriate methods of status change.

4) Medical Test & Emirates ID

After the Visa status change, the investors have to undergo medical tests and apply for Emirates ID. The medical test consists of Chest X-ray and a blood test to check if the applicant is having any communicable diseases. After the medical test, the entrepreneurs can apply for the Emirates ID. An Emirates ID is a mandatory requirement in the UAE for opening bank accounts, tenancy agreements, and many other processes.

5) Residence Visa Stamping

In the final stage of the entire process, the investor can obtain his residence visa stamped on the passport. For this, the entrepreneur is required to submit his passport to the concerned immigration authority. The applicants are advised not to leave the UAE during this period. The entrepreneurs can entrust PRO services in the UAE to efficiently execute all the visa-related processes.

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