How You Can Setup a Healthcare Business in Dubai?

Dubai’s booming healthcare industry is an ideal opportunity for healthcare professionals to setup their business and aim for high growth. Medical professionals are required to obtain a professional license and approval from relevant authorities to establish a business related to the healthcare industry. Hire qualified business setup consultants in Dubai for processes like obtaining a professional license and incorporating the business.

For investors seeking to establish a healthcare-related business, two options are recommended:

Since healthcare is a sensitive industry and requirement of approvals are involved, it is better to avail the services of top company formation specialists in Dubai. Letting a business setup consultant take care of such duties would help the investors focus on planning their core business goals.

Setting up a Healthcare Business in Dubai Healthcare City

The healthcare professionals seeking to set up their business in Dubai Healthcare City are required to get a license from Dubai Healthcare City Authority-Regulation. The first step in setting up a healthcare business in Dubai Healthcare City is to submit an application to the Dubai Healthcare City Establishing Facility along with a business plan. The following documents are required to be submitted along with the application:

  • Passport of Applicants
  • CVs of shareholders, directors and managers
  • Commercial License/ Copy of Certificate of Incorporation for branches

– Review of Application

The Facility Licensing Department (FLD) will conduct a detailed review of each application, then submit it to the Facility Committee (FC) for review. If successful, the facility is issued a provisional approval letter with defined services, along with details on the conditions/restrictions that apply to the proposed facility. At this stage, facilities are not entitled to operate within the free zone until an operating license is issued.

– Building of the Facility

The investors are required to follow DHCR-approved standards to build the healthcare facility. The unit could be set up on leased or purchased properties. However, inspections will be conducted by the Facility Licensing Department to see if the unit is complying with the Facility Guidelines Institute (FGI). The Department will also ensure whether the medical equipment is properly certified and maintained.

– Awareness Sessions

The applicants are required to undergo sessions conducted by the DHC Authority. The authority will also conduct a pre-operational assessment to verify the requirements met. This assessment is meant to ensure the safety of the patients and the quality of healthcare services.

Setting up a Healthcare Business in Dubai Mainland

The Department of Economic Development (DED) is the competent authority for establishing a healthcare business in Dubai. However, investors are required to obtain approval from the Dubai Health Authority (DHA). The following procedures have to be followed for opening a healthcare business in Dubai:

1. Choose a Business Structure

The healthcare entity can be established as a Limited Liability Company (LLC) or a branch of a foreign company. For LLC company setup, 51% of the company share will be held by the local shareholder and 49% can be held by the foreign investor. For a branch of a foreign company, a local service agent is required.

2. Choose a trade name for the business

Choose a final trade name for the business in accordance with the general guidelines set for the trade names in Dubai by the DED. Businesses can apply for the trade name online. Business setup consultants can make the application procedure for the proposed healthcare business in Dubai.

3. Identify a suitable location for the healthcare facility

Dubai has many areas that offer suitable and affordable for setting up a healthcare business. The healthcare facility can be set up by acquiring land from the government or local people. Investors can also rent or lease properties that are best suitable for healthcare purpose.

4. Initial Approval from DED

The DED will have to approve the application and upon completion, the authority will issue an initial approval certificate. The certificate is proof that the DED is not objecting to the proposed business. At this stage the applicants need to submit documents including:

  • Business registration and licensing form
  • Copy of passport/ ID of the applicant
  • Copy of residence permit
  • NOC from sponsor
  • Articles of Association of company
  • Feasibility study of the business

5. Apply for DHA Initial Approval

AT this stage, the investor is required to apply for approval from the DHA to conduct the business activity in Dubai. The DHA would check the feasibility study of the business project and expertise of the healthcare professional in his field. The DHA will inspect the proposed healthcare facility to verify it is complying with its standards. Once the DHA and the DED green signals the project the investor can proceed further with the business.

For complete process of LLC Company formation in Dubai, read this

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