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How Women can Sponsor Their Families for Residency Visa in Dubai?

women sponsor for uae family visa

Women are shining and are keeping pace with the men worldwide and UAE is not an exception to it. It’s the thing of the past when only men were allowed to sponsor their children in the UAE. Thanks to UAE government who has recently allowed resident foreign women to sponsor their families-husband and children. Cheers!

The UAE has implemented favourable laws for foreign resident women to sponsor their families, which are helping the women professionals and entrepreneurs find a proper work-life balance. The UAE government allows foreign workers, men or women, with a valid residency visa to sponsor their families. However, the women workers have to meet the requirements of specific salary bracket and special approval to sponsor the visas of their family.

The expat woman workers are required to earn a salary above AED 10,000 ( Moiz to confirm this) and need to have special permission from the Department of Naturalisation and Residency Dubai (DNRD). However, male expats can sponsor their dependents if they earn AED 4,000 or AED 3,000 with accommodation.

The Process of Sponsoring Family Members in Dubai

Women expats can apply for the residency visas of their family members in easy steps after getting approval from DNRD. However, the women can avail of the services of best PRO services in Dubai to ensure that the requirements of paper works, documentation and medical fitness are properly met.

The following are the major steps in applying for family’s Residency Visa in Dubai:

  1. Getting all the required documents
  2. Approaching Amer center or reliable PRO services in Dubai
  3. Medical Tests
  4. Emirates ID issuance
  5. Health Insurance
  6. Getting Visa Stamped

List of Documents Required to Sponsor Family

Women who are seeking to sponsor the residency visa of their family members need to submit the following documents:

  • Duly attested Marriage Certificate for Sponsoring Husband
  • Original Birth Certificate of children for sponsoring Children
  • Copy of valid passport of family members
  • Copy of Husband’s Passport in case of sponsoring husband
  • Passport-size photo
  • A copy of the registered tenancy contract (Ejari)

Women expats who are seeking to sponsor their parents are required to have at least a 2-bedroom flat and minimum monthly salary of AED 20,000 a month.

Medical Fitness Requirement

The medical fitness test is a mandatory requirement for both male and female expats for sponsoring the visas of their family members. The government mandates that the applicants need to undergo and clear the medical tests at government-approved health centres in the UAE.

The government approved health centers will test the applicants for HIV and Pulmonary tuberculosis. A blood test will be performed for HIV and the applicant will have to undergo an X-ray of the chest for the Pulmonary Tuberculosis test.

Now, the major question is what happens if the applicant fails on the tests. The visa applicants who fail any of the tests will be deemed unfit and therefore ineligible for the residency visa. The UAE officials will deport the candidates.

In certain cases, the applicants of the residency visa may be diagnosed with dormant or inactive pulmonary tuberculosis and they will also be deemed medically unfit. However, the authorities will grant such applicants Health Fitness Certificate for Residence’, which will be valid for 1 year.

The applicants then are required to undergo medical treatments for dormant pulmonary tuberculosis. Such cases will be followed up by the Department of Preventive Medicine.  PRO services in Dubai recommend that people with communicable diseases should check their health conditions in their home country before applying for a residency visa in the UAE.

Health Insurance

Dubai authorities have stipulated the requirement that the family members to be sponsored also need to have health insurance. The applicant of the residence visas should avail at least a basic insurance plan. In Dubai, this requirement is mandatory under the Essential Benefits Plan. In some emirates, the health insurance requirement is optional. However, the PRO services in UAE advises women expats to get a health insurance cover even if the requirement is not mandatory.

Getting the Visa Stamped

Family members of the women expats who have successfully sailed through all the steps of the Residency Visa procedure can get their visas stamped at the final stage. However, it is important to keep the below documents while visiting the Amer Centre in Dubai:

  • The report on health fitness
  • Application for Emirates ID
  • Original passports of people to be sponsored
  • Health insurance documents
  • Original Emirates ID of sponsor

PRO Services in Dubai & UAE

Women expats in Dubai who are seeking to sponsor their dependents are advised to consult the Jitendra Business Consultants (JBC) for  PRO Services in Dubai . Being one of the most reputed PRO firms in UAE, JBC takes pride in helping out thousands of professionals in sponsoring their dependents and workers. JBC’s PRO services guide their clients in successfully handling the residency visa application, necessary approval from DNRD, typing of the documents, medical fitness test, health insurance, and the visa stamping.

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