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UAE at the Forefront of Innovation with the Adoption of AI and other Technologies

The world is on the cusp of navigating ahead with the emergence of disruptive technologies like Artificial Intelligence and machine learning. The UAE, a hotbed of global business activities and entrepreneurs, has made immense progress in adapting to the changes effected by the AI in the business ecosystem. The UAE has always been ahead with the adoption of future-ready technologies.

A recent report titled ‘Government Artificial Intelligence Readiness Index’ has adjudged the UAE as the top country in the Middle East in the adoption of disruptive technologies. In the Asia Pacific Region the UAE is in the 4th spot as far as the adoption of AI is concerned. Globally, the UAE’s position is at the 19th spot. The report was compiled by AI Consultancy firm Oxford Insights after surveying 190 countries across the globe.

The UAE Strategy for Artificial Intelligence 2031

Alaa Elshimy, Managing Director and Vice President Enterprise Group, the Middle East and Pakistan, Huawei, recently presented a report in which it is stated that countries across the world will spend USD 23 trillion on disruptive technologies by 2023. Of this, the spending by MENA will be 5% and the UAE and Saudi Arabia spend 60-70% on the emerging technologies.

The UAE’s readiness for adoption of AI has been heralded in October 2017 when the visionary leaders of the country unveiled the ‘UAE Strategy for Artificial Intelligence 2031’. One of the primary goals of this strategy is elevating the country to the top spot in AI investments across a slew of sectors like Education, Transport, Energy, Space, and Technology.

Top Advancements Made by UAE in Using AI for Business Activities

UAE has seen a multitude of efforts that have seen the deployment of AI in various sectors. This has been possible as the country has a dedicated ministry for AI. The following are some of the top efforts taken by UAE in the deployment of AI:

  • 30 Minute Visa with the Help of AI

    One of the most innovative breakthroughs achieved by the Dubai government in the application of AI is the recent 30-minute visa system. The ‘Smart Salem’ under the Dubai Health Authority (DHA) is an innovative medical fitness centre, which is automated with AI. Four robots deployed in the centre makes the process of medical test required for visa quicker.
    The AI-powered Smart Salem initiative is a blessing for VIPs, investors and golden residence visa holders. They can get their visa stamped by finishing the required medical tests in 30 minutes for AED 700. The Salem centre has also deployed a robot to greet the investors and VIPs who come for the tests. A smart valet service is facilitated for the efficient car-parking system.

  • DIFC’s Courts of Future Initiative

Courts of the future will deal with the legal disputes in the digital method with the help of advanced technologies like AI and machine learning. The Dubai International Financial Centre ( DIFC Courts) and the Dubai Future Foundation has created the Court of the Future Forum in a bid to resolve commercial and civil disputes within the DIFC jurisdiction using disruptive technologies like AI, blockchain, and machine learning. Protecting Intellectual Property (IP) rights of entrepreneurs using emerging technologies is one of the top priorities of the Courts of Future.

  • Introduction of Blockchain KYC Consortium

Dubai Economy in February 2020 partnered with 6 UAE banks to form a blockchain consortium, which will make the process of bank account opening less cumbersome. The blockchain consortium will make the KYC data sharing process more efficient as the consortium will bring all the participants of this initiative under one platform. The blockchain technology will ensure that the sharing of digital KYC data and documents will be more secure.

  • Exploring the Use of AI in Intellectual Property Protection

Entrepreneurs and investors will enjoy greater benefits in the realm of protecting their Intellectual Property (IP) rights including the business trademark as the UAE is exploring initiatives to use AI in the domain of IP. In this regard, the UAE Ministry of Economy signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Korean Intellectual Property Office (KIPO), which will ensure efficient protection of IP including trademarks, copyright, patents and industrial design.

  • Big Achievement in 3D Printing

The UAE has achieved remarkable progress in its efforts to shape itself into a global hub of 3D printing technology. The Dubai Future Foundation has created the world’s first commercial building using 3D Printing technology. The office has been created using a single printer and completed in just 17 days. The building is 120 feet in length and 40 feet in width. The 3D printing technology helped in saving 50% manpower while constructing the building.

How Prepared Are UAE Businesses In Adapting AI Ecosystem?

According to a Microsoft Report titled AI Pulse, 47% of higher-growth companies and 15% lower-growth companies have already reached the formalizing and integrating stages of AI adoption. The percentage of maturity in AI adoption by the higher-growth companies in the UAE is well above the global average. This show the companies in the UAE are far ahead in adoption of AI.

As per the Microsoft Survey, 70% double-digit growth businesses are planning to use AI for decision making meanwhile this is only 46% across the world. Around 45% of the lower-growth business in the UAE will also improve their decision-making process with the help of AI as opposed to a global average of 31%. Problem-solving, evaluation of success is the other areas of business that AI will find major use in UAE.


UAE has been at the forefront of innovation by adopting future technologies in a bid to create a future-ready economy. This has been possible due to the country’s continuous exploration of latest technologies like AI, 3D printing and blockchain. The UAE also achieved remarkable success in deploying emerging technologies in a variety of sectors that would definitely attract more investments. UAE’s readiness in AI adoption becomes more impressive as a robot named Sophia is presenting a paper on AI in the on the 20th Annual Regional Audit Conference.

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