9 Significant Benefits of Outsourcing PRO Services in Dubai & UAE

UAE offers a multitude of opportunities whether you are a new startup who want to set up a company in the UAE or existing entrepreneurs with established businesses. However, with opportunities comes more responsibility as a business owner in the UAE, new or established the business is required to deal with multiple government authorities and have to face bureaucratic procedure, complex and complicated regulations. Handling these things independently would affect the efficiency of a business owner. In such cases, the role of a Government Liaison Officer or generally known as Public Relations Officer (PRO) becomes crucial who will liaise with various governments authorities and department such as Department of Economic Development, Ministry of Labour, RERA, Land department, DEWA, Post office and translates all legal documents in Arabic whenever required.

Major Services That Define the Role of PRO Companies in Dubai & UAE 

The following are the major services that a company can avail from a PRO in UAE:

  • Help companies to follow all the procedure and to comply with local regulations to get the trade license
  • Processing of documents in the Immigration, Labour, and other government departments
  • Processing Company Immigration Card and Labour Card
  • Processing of new company owner visa, director visa, managing partner visa, residence visa & employment visa and renewals
  • Attestation of import/export and other legal documents through a public notary
  • Intellectual property registration for patent, copyright, and trademark
  • Filing for government approvals and obtaining NOC from government ministries
  • Translating all legal documents into Arabic as required by the various government departments
  • Applying for an industrial or commercial license, and filing for its renewal–
  • Applying for commercial and residential tenancy contract

Reasons Why Businesses Outsource PRO Services in Dubai & UAE

1. Saves Time

Outsourcing PRO services in Dubai, UAE can improve the workflow within the company by saving the business owner’s precious time. A good PRO service provider will ensure that the company’s document clearance is done within the targeted time-frame.

2. Saves Cost

Outsourcing the best PRO services in UAE can prevent the companies from the hassle of hiring full-time employees. By seeking help from specialized PRO service firms, companies can avail the services of the PRO firms whenever they require such services.

3. PRO Firms Keep Pace With New Laws and Regulations in UAE

As mentioned earlier, a dynamic business hub like Dubai may implement changes in law from time to time. Further, business regulations in the UAE may change in a bid to comply with local or international regulations. PRO firms can provide companies with all the new rules regarding the business world in Dubai, UAE. Top PRO firms in Dubai, UAE give timely reminders to companies if new laws are implemented or existing ones are amended.

4. PRO Firms Help Avoid Fines and Penalties in the UAE

Building and maintaining a good reputation before the government and other authorities are important while setting up a business in the UAE. Attracting fines for delay in completing legal requirements will help only to tarnish the company’s image and credibility. PRO Firms’ assistance is important in giving the company a good image before the government departments as well as the clients of the company. Clients often prefer to work with companies with better administrative history.

5. Benefits of Legal and Local Expertise

PRO services with their familiarity with the local market can help an organisation to achieve its goals with minimal hurdles. PRO with their legal expertise in the Arabic language can help translate and attest the legal documents of companies.  This eases the hassles involved while managing legal documents, records, and checking and completing legal paperwork. Outsourcing the PRO for translating the legal works will ensure that the businesses are complying with UAE government regulations. PRO services in Dubai can also help companies avoid errors in interpreting legal jargon.

6. Easy Processing, Renewal of IDs and Other Documents

The best PRO service provider in UAE will ensure that the processing of vital documents and IDs is done in a smooth way. This is important in the case of the Emirates ID, the identity card for UAE citizens, which is an important legal requirement for UAE residents. The Emirates ID serves as proof of identity while availing UAE government services. An efficient PRO company make sure that the ID card is obtained and renewed quickly. Delay in submitting ID card applications attract hefty fines.

7. Help With Trade License Issuance and Renewals

Trade license is the most vital requirement while setting up a business in Dubai, UAE. A lot of documents are required for renewing a trade license in the UAE. PRO firms can help an entrepreneur in how to solve the issue of renewing trade license with their expertise in dealing with government services. It is also important to note that heavy fines will be imposed if filing for a trade license is delayed in UAE. In the worst case, it may lead to a ban on the business license.

8. Help With Visas for Entrepreneurs and Their Family

An outsourced PRO service company in UAE will help in getting and renewing the visas for the investors and also their families. Obtaining visas for the family or a maid may require much paperwork. A PRO firm with a good reputation can offer help with sponsorship of the dependents’ visas, entry permits, status adjustment, medical fitness tests, visa stamping, and other major services.

9. Easy Access to Business Support Services

While setting up their business in UAE, entrepreneurs would need to be associated with local business support organizations like the Chamber of Commerce. Seeking the services of a well-known PRO services firm will ease the process of getting a Chamber of Commerce membership by dealing with all the necessary documents

PRO Services in Dubai & UAE

Businesses in the UAE can’t ignore the services of PRO firms as their works are integral to the company’s smooth operation and reputation. The services offered by PRO firms are related to the major documentation associated with the business and even the minor services they offer can’t be ignored as it may attract heavy fines. Outsourcing all the documentation processes to the best PRO firms in UAE like Jitendra Business Consultants will ensure that all your requirements are done in a timely manner. Our PRO services include the application of, renewal and cancellation of a partner, investor’s visa for the free zone and LLC companies, processing of visas for dependents, renewal of trade license, translation of documents into different languages and many more. We cover all jurisdictions such as mainland, free zones & offshore. Contact us for any kind of business setup service need across the UAE

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