Company Incorporation in Dubai Free Zones

Looking for opportunities to extend your business to a whole new level? Then Dubai is the best available choice for you in the Middle East. Comprising of around some 20 Free Zones, it convenes the things for the expatriate investors by providing amazing benefits such as re-exports outside Dubai, UAE, 100% tax exemption as well as 100% company ownership. Owing to the benefits that Dubai Free Zones offer, a plethora of investors are attracted to it for company incorporation in Dubai.

Another striking feature of these Free Zones is that they are highly specialized and offer unique and distinct benefits to the investors. For instance, while Dubai Healthcare City is suited to medical services, Dubai Media City attracts investors inclined towards business pertaining to media and advertisements. If certain investors are interested in company formation in Jebel Ali Free Zone or the Dubai Airport Free Zone, they are most likely to be in trading or manufacturing services.

Thus, these Free Zones act as a magnet for investors involved in almost all kinds of businesses. In addition to the benefit of choice and variety, the investors are also provided with world-class facilities coupled with advanced modern technology. Let’s look at the various other benefits enjoyed by the investors looking for company incorporation in the Dubai Free Zones.

What are the Benefits of Company Incorporation in Dubai Free Zones?

Company incorporation in Dubai Free Zones offers numerous advantages. Following is a comprehensive list of the various benefits that the investors enjoy for incorporating companies in the Free Zones of Dubai:-

✔  100% foreign ownership

✔  Advanced and modern IT infrastructure to efficiently serve the investors

✔  The liability of stakeholders is limited, even for professional service licenses.

✔  It ensures 100% repatriation of the profit and the capital.

✔  There is no personal or corporate tax.

✔  It allows single window clearance.

✔  An investor is also capable of catering to the local clients from within the free zone.

In light of these advantages, Dubai Free Zones often act as a magnet to attract investors looking for company incorporation in Dubai.

Another important fact that investors must pay heed to is that if a company incorporated in one of the Free Zones intends to shift to another Free Zone due to any reason, then they are required to liquidate (close) the operation as well as cancel the visas in the old Free Zone and acquire a new license for the new Free Zone.

For instance, an investor is indulged in any of the “special activities” forms an LLC in one Free Zone. But soon he realizes that the business requirements have changed and considers moving to another Free Zone. For this, the liquidation of LLC Company is required and new license for the new Free Zone needs to be acquired.

A List of Dubai Free Zones

Following is an exhaustive list of all the Dubai Free Zones available for the investors to choose from:-

  1. Jebel Ali Free Zone
  2. Dubai Airport Free zone
  3. Dubai Media City
  4. Dubai Internet City
  5. Dubai Multi Commodity Centre (DMCC)
  6. Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC)
  7. Dubai Healthcare City
  8. Dubai Outsource Zone
  9. Dubai Silicon Oasis (DSO) and Dtec Free zone
  10. Dubai Studio City
  11. DUCAMZ-Dubai Cars and Automobile Zone
  12. Dubai Design District
  13. Dubai International Academic City
  14. Dubai Knowledge Village
  15. Dubai Gold and Diamond Park
  16. International Media Production Zone (IMPZ)
  17. Dubai World Central (DWC) (includes Dubai Logistic city and Dubai Aviation City)
  18. Jebel Ali Offshore Centre (JAFZA Offshore)

Final Thoughts

For the investors who want to set up business in the UAE, Dubai is the best available options owing to the fact that it is impregnated with more than 20 Free Zones which entitle the potential investors to numerous monetary and non-monetary benefits. Over the last decade, Dubai has emerged as the business hub of the UAE by attracting a large number of investors to set up businesses as well as incorporate companies in the Free Zones.

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